Summer jacket: Technique and Tips

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With the onset of heat each the fairer sex wants to look special.Women are beginning to change her wardrobe, lifestyle, trying to fix the shape.Do not forget about the appearance of the hands and feet.It is in the hot season for these parts of the body emphasizes.

This article will tell you how to make old french polish.To work need a stencil or a thin brush, favorite shades of nail polish, a fixing agent, and base.Be sure to arm yourself with a manicure.Here are step by step instructions of how to make a summer jacket.

first point: do the manicure

Summer jacket, just like any other coating requires prior purification of the nail plate and the skin on the fingers.Make this manipulation may be familiar to you in any way.Manicure, paraffin, hardware processing - choose what pleases you.Marigolds necessarily confer the same shape.Then carefully wipe your fingers and wait for half an hour.During this time, the nail plate is dry and summer jacket lie at her best.

second point: prorisovyvanie wells

Summer jacket can be created in two ways.If you can draw well, take a fine brush and draw a line along the bottom of the hole claw.If there are no artistic skills, you can take advantage of special stencils.They are glued to the bottom of the plate.After this coating creates a tip.

Run summer jacket can be multiple choice.Bright colors at this time preferred.This could be the tip of a nail or a monochrome striped coat.If you choose the second option, then use a thin brush, which create vertical lines.Many women have used the office style.In this case, old jacket may have pastel colors: beige, pink, flesh-colored, pearl and so on.

third point: the completion of

When the undercoat is dry, apply a protective coating.This layer helps keep the design a longer time.As such termination, you can use a special tool to polish or conventional clearcoat.

When the coating is dry, you can add additional accessories summer manicure.It may be a life stickers, rhinestones or sequins.Always consider the color scheme.If the lower portion of the claw colored, you should not overdo it with the brightness.Otherwise, the design is very colorful.

alternative way to create a summer design

If you do not want to mess with their own nails, you can apply to the interior.It will quickly master your plate in good condition and create a bright summer coat.However, such a pleasure to have a certain value.Average price category varnishing is from 400 to 700 rubles, together with clearing of the nail plate.

also recently very popular to use stickers.They have applied the color, and you can choose what you like.Will only process the plate and cut to the shape of the workpiece it.Then glue on the basis of nails and cover with a protective layer.


you now know how to make yourself a summer jacket.Photos of the finished work can be found in this article.Choose what you like more.Be creative and experiment with your fingernails.Apply a bright and spectacular finish.Do not forget to create the same design on the legs.In this case, your look will be harmonious.Be beautiful!