Eating after exercise - when and what to eat

If after a workout you bear much want to eat, then the load was selected incorrectly.This is not your level of intensity or type of load is not quite right for you.Good, proper training, on the other hand, interrupting appetite.It is not the consciousness of how difficult it is given calorie consumption.A simply due to the specific biochemical processes in the brain.And yet, what should be a meal after training and whether there is at all?

Sweet-fat?Strikes out!

There definitely need, whether you are right or wrong some training.But a universal menu for all not working.The only restriction is valid for all - is not the sweet-fatty foods - chocolate, ice cream, coated with sweet cheese and sweet cottage cheese.Beware of drinking yoghurt calorie content is small, but they are used with bottles 400-500 ml, in the amount of carbohydrates it turns out a lot of times.What is bad, not only for the figures, but for the pancreas.This is very serious, watch out that organ.Its resources are limited.

Maybe some water?

But before you sit down at the table, drink 400 ml of water in the first 15 minutes after the workout.Most of the time do not drink, your heart against it!It is impossible to increase the pressure - in fact dehydrated body water is absorbed very quickly, and the heart is necessary to move quickly from one mode to the other uncomfortable.Take care of yourself.After another 30 minutes, drink as desired before 400 mL of water.Excess food after exercise is often associated with dehydration, so drink water without gas, it is imperative.

When there?

best to 45 minutes after the "labors".What it is - it depends on the purpose of training.Eating after exercise can promote or hinder the achievement of goals.It is clear that if you want to gain muscle mass, that is necessary.Do I need to eat after a workout aerobic aimed at weight loss?Yes, definitely.Otherwise, after a few hours you will be sure to eat a lot more time spent in training.Tested by many generations of losing weight.After 45 minutes, you will find a dining table.If you take weight training, is to drink a special protein shake to protect muscle.

What should be eating after a workout?

If training morning or afternoon to 16.00, you can eat complex carbohydrates - boiled buckwheat, rice, whole oats (50 g of dry grains) and 100 grams of lean meat or fish and a dessert fruit.

If exercising in the evening, you need to eat low-fat cottage cheese or vegetables fried in olive oil (except potatoes, of course).
evening, losing weight carbohydrates have undesirable.Train on the relief well.

If you want to look like a fitness model, eliminate carbs after 16.00.You can eat low-fat cheese, lean ham, fish, dried squid.The food after a workout should be varied within a week, but every single day of your hand should be only one kind of food.Many varieties of food available is often triggers overeating.Protect yourself from this problem - and will look like a girl from your favorite books with exercises.They also eat carbohydrates - but not in the evening.And looks at all 200%.