How do reverse twist on abdominal muscles

twisting exercises for the press are basic for the rectus abdominis.If the process to add more weights - dumbbells, mitts, effective relief of the press area will be provided.

The load for creating elastic relief stomach very important number of repetitions, which depends on the purpose of inflating the abdominal muscles.To burn excess fat training runs to a maximum of fatigue without encumbrances.To create "cubes" on the stomach necessary weights and number of repetitions should be no more than 25 times in the two approaches.During twisting pererasgibatsya not necessary, since it contributes to stretching of muscles, respectively, decreases the tonus of the abdominal wall.

Reverse Crunch involve lifting the pelvis and legs to the shoulders, not the body.These exercises help to increase the strength and the creation of forms muscles of the lower abdomen.As a rule, the majority of people this area is problematic.When performing compound exercises in the reverse curling is a strong interaction of muscles - flexors of the hips and press.Coordinated work of these muscle groups is very important in many sports.Exercises are performed in the 2-4 call 25 times.

reverse twisting exercises are carried out first in the overall complex load on the area of ​​the press.Then make the transition to the inflation of the upper press and oblique muscles.

This technique exercises like reverse twisting both novice and professional athletes.

  1. Lie on your back, arms extended along the body.Bend your knees and lift the hips up to the position perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Inhale and hold your breath.Tighten your abdominal muscles and pull your knees to your chest.In the uppermost position of the knees should be placed near the chest and hips should be raised.
  3. In no case should not unbend your knees.Otherwise, start to work your leg muscles, not the stomach.
  4. Before the lift necessary to stretch your hands on the floor and move the hips from the place.
  5. Perform breath at a time when the feet will be closest to the chest.
  6. Slowly lower the leg to its original position, but do not lower the foot on the floor to complete the approach.

Breath promotes highly stressed muscles and keeping the spine in a safe position.

Having mastered several approaches, these reverse twist, the press can be enhanced by additional load:

- lift head and shoulders off the floor just before the execution of the exercises and not let go until the end of set;

- you pull your knees to your head;

- hold the dumbbell between feet;

- do the exercises on a flat or inclined bench, with the necessary arms to cling to the bench.

reverse twisting exercises can be performed while sitting.The aim of this study stress the muscles of the lower and upper abdomen.Sitting on a chair or the edge of the bench, you need to bend your knees and slowly pull them to the level of the chest.Then you need to straighten your legs in front of him and return to the starting position.During the exercise should be to cling to the edge of the support and sit back.