How to perform lunges with dumbbells

Any average person wants his feet were attractive and beautiful.This applies to both women and men.Athletic male legs and tightened the elastic legs in girls always attract the eye and are the subject of admiration.To achieve amazing results will help regular exercise "lunges with dumbbells."Such movements with the load in the hands contribute to the development of motor coordination and sustainability, working on the front muscle groups of the thighs and buttocks.Lunges with dumbbells perform many representatives of different sports that require sudden movements and fast running.

Bodybuilders perform lunges with dumbbells in combination with other exercises for the leg muscles - zhimami and squats.Looping exercise give coordination and stabilization of muscle groups.When you use a solid weight dumbbells, leg muscles gain extra weight.If you do the exercise for this purpose, it is necessary to go down on one knee slowly and climb - fast and powerful.

alternately lunges with dumbbells on either foot, as well as exercises for the buttocks are performed with dumbbells for 9-12 repetitions in three sets with a break within one minute:

  • Take two dumbbells and stand up straight, handslowered down along the body, eyes directed forward.
  • perform step one foot forward and done squat, with drumstick legs left behind should be parallel to the plane of the floor.
  • knee leg executing a lunge, should form a right angle and should not act as the toe of the foot.
  • the end point must be made a lunge second pause, and then climb using only the quadriceps muscles.Slight push the support leg.
  • straightened back foot in the initial state.The muscles of the buttocks and the media must be in a static state.Then begins a new repetition.

When you exercise you need to remember that the wider the pitch, the more activated gluteus exposed front legs and tighten the muscles of the lumbar and straight legs left behind.

During the repetitions necessary to monitor the body: Do not tilt backward or forward.When lifting the housing support is on the heel, not the toe of the working leg.Do not start lifting the body with a jolt, as the load on the quadriceps muscles will be reduced.Step should be wide, otherwise the increased load on the knee joint, which is fraught with serious injury.To pump the front thigh muscles needed dumbbell with more weight.In order to retain them in the hands of the best to use belts.To complicate exercise can be with the help of the bar, which is held bent arms.

Exercises with dumbbells on the shoulders contribute to the development side of the deltoid, which determines the formation of the beautiful topography, shape and width of the shoulders.They lie in the hands of a dilution with dumbbells in different directions.After completing a deep breath and hold it, you need to lift weights to the point where the front limbs would be parallel to the floor.It is not permitted flexion and extension arms at the elbow.Exhale, hands down.

complex consists of three sets of 16 exercises.