How to swing in the home and whether you want to do sports equipment?

inflated body of a beautiful dream of everyone, but going to the gym is not always available, both in time and in finance.In this house there is an opportunity to set aside an hour to school.If you are a beginner, the first few months it is possible to do without additional equipment and then have to spend a little bit, otherwise the result will not be much.It.particularly true for men.

So, how to swing at home without sports equipment:

pushups.It's a complex exercise, if you are doing it correctly.The initial position is known to all.It is desirable that one more person to follow up on and corrected the deficiencies.Not allowed hogging or sagging back.Must be lowered horizontally, as low as possible, almost touching the floor of the chest.The effect you get only in the event that the number of repetitions is large.

abdominal exercises.Here you will need the whole complex to work out all of the muscles.We will not list all known exercises, which include twisting, "scissors", lifting the legs in position lying and so on.Online you will find a lot of video tutorials which demonstrate the technique.

Squats.If you do not know how nakachatsya at home, remember that it is necessary to train the entire body, rather than its individual parts.Without load, everything is easy, but watch your back, and technology implementation.Keep your back straight, with your knees should not extend beyond toes.Severe deep squats are not necessary, because you are looking for an answer to the question of how to swing at home and not as injured.

Now to sports equipment.For men, the above is not enough exercise.More precisely, this can be used to maintain muscle tone, but not as a major exercise.

So, solving the problem of how to swing at home, consider an offer to purchase such equipment:

- Bench bar or bench for exercises with a dumbbell.Of course, many of stools construct design, but to change the angle in this case impossible.But to increase the burden on the press, you have to tilt the bench.

- Dumbbells.Ideal variant with collapsible weights, since you can not just lift heavy weights, and to acquire a large set, starting with the low weight and great finishing, it is impractical.And the space for these dumbbells is not always enough.

- Rod.This equipment is optional, but in the future you may need to develop the pecs, arms and back.

way, swing back home and really, but for this we need dumbbells and barbells:

Thrust dumbbells to his stomach with one hand.Initially we do approach one hand, and then once a second without interruption.The advantage of this exercise to a large range of motion, so that worked out well latissimus.

thrust rod to the stomach - this is one of the basic exercises for the latissimus dorsi.The first approach is to do half operating weight, which is a warm-up.Starting position - bend back, knees slightly bent.

Pulling on the bar wide grip to the chest.Of course, horizontal bars at home we do not find, but there are often close to playground.For the development of the back muscles - is ideal.If the same exercise is given to you easily, then use the additional load.

We briefly discussed how to swing at home.From the foregoing it can be seen that the result can be without professional equipment.At the end you can only add that no training has no effect without proper food, so pay attention to this nuance.