The ideal male body - really achievable or myth?

ideal male body ... Many members of the stronger sex aloud or secretly dream about it, to look perfect in the eyes of women.Alas, not all these dreams become reality - a sedentary lifestyle, stress, overeating and alcohol - all of this affects older.

Of course, the ideal male body - is not just a long workout in the gym.It is more a kind of philosophy.Importantly, what foods you eat, do you exercise, what is the current emotional state.However, an additional opportunity to create the figure of your dreams gym gives rightly so.

Exercise good for the body in any of their manifestations, but for the formation of an ideal figure, it is important to determine your specific body type and choose the appropriate approach to training.More or less it is a good result can be achieved without it, but in this case the process will have much more time.

Body style

basic types can be divided into three: ectomorphic, endomorphic and mesomorphic.

People ectomorphic body inherent light bones, long thin limbs, a relatively wide hips, narrow chest, narrow shoulders and thin muscles.The formation of the desired shape in men of this type can take years of hard work.First you need to engage in the strengthening of ligaments and strength exercises, and after - start to build muscle mass.Particular attention should be paid to proper nutrition.

endomorph is characterized by a strong skeletal system, muscular system is relatively soft, wide hips and chest, often - short limbs and a decent supply of fat.The main vector of fitness for this type - the struggle with the fullness, muscle growth and study of muscle relief.The ideal male body endomorphs build quite difficult.We need the widest possible range of exercises in conjunction with a low calorie diet.In addition to the exercises will be effective cycling, running, swimming, etc.

Features bodies of men mesomorphic body type: broad shoulders, broad chest, proportional to the body and lack of excess fat.The torso, generally has a trapezoid shape with a narrow pelvis.Most people concurs that this is the perfect male body.This type is suitable for practicing bodybuilding, however, and we need a sound approach.It is not necessary to reboot, we need only improve the body.Suitable balanced diet, as well as varied training program.

beauty of the male body - a relative term, it is impossible to measure tables and figures.However, some general features are still there.

itself, the concept of the ideal has long been associated with huge muscles, as it was once.It is moderately muscled, slim, has no fat surpluses, sustained proportion of the male body.Under the proportionality usually meant the ratio of the volume of the chest, shoulders, waist and hips;body fat;drawing back muscles, chest, shoulders and hips.

Remember that provide effective results may be just the right diet and choose the right training program.