How to grow muscle in trained people?

about how to grow the muscles begin to think absolutely everyone who wants to build at least one extra kilogram of muscle.But very few people from this cohort reaches textbooks medical schools.Basically, all the content in the conventional explanations exercise rooms, which give the same "experts".But now you know the bitter truth.As it is not hard to hear, but the muscle does not grow during the workout.

Yes, the muscles do not grow during the workout.But then how to grow muscle?Almost 99% of strokes are in the power of delusion that grows muscles during exercise.And the culprit is mikronasosnaya activity of muscle fibers when they are stretched, leading to the filling with blood during the last exercise.For example, a guy came to the gym and made three or four approaches to the biceps.As a result, the biceps are full of blood, and instead of 40 cm has already become 42 cm. However, this increase in volume takes place only due to a rush of blood to the loaded with biceps.After training, the blood of the two-headed shoulder muscles will go, and it will be even less than it was before the load.Those who are not engaged in the first day, will confirm the truth of these words.And if so, then the question of how to grow muscle, begins in earnest disturb those who wish to have a serious muscle.

order to clearly make it clear from which grow muscles, let we give an analogy with the construction of the building.After all, bodybuilding - this is the construction of the body, and an example would be like.So, in order to build a house, you must have building materials and workers.Correctly?It seems so.When building muscle building material is a protein - protein;working in the human body will be cell organelles.And now, a simple experiment.Imagine that you are on the scene, brought building materials, and workers.Will they work?No!They must stimulate.For the workers a salary incentive.And for your body - training.During physical exertion muscle just gets a stimulus for growth in the recovery period.

And now the correct proportions of all the components of bodybuilding.Again, based on The above analogy.Pay wages too often and in large quantities should not be.Money is not only spoil the man.And that means that a large amount of training will not give anything useful.Do not have time to recover muscles.Bringing abundant building material?So it will also be deposited in adipose tissue, and moreover, excess protein in the process of gluconeogenesis is converted into glucose.Hence the conclusion - you need to carefully observe the amount of exercise and diet.

Then thereby grow muscles?60 years ago in Mecca of bodybuilding was very popular following saying: "Do not run, if you can go, do not go, if you can stand, do not stand when you can sit down and do not sit when you can lie down.And only if you lie, you go to sleep. "The meaning of this saying is to not load the muscles further, is training.Well stimulate some muscle during your workout, you have to give her time to recover.And most importantly, for supervosstanovleniya.

And what is supervosstanovlenie?A very interesting detail that will allow a better understanding of how muscles grow.But again, in a schematic example.For example, in the biceps has a reserve of glycogen, which provides enough energy to perform bending arms at the elbow with the weights 10 kg (100 times in a row).After completing this work, the muscle is exhausted, and for the full exercise should be done at least one more cut.During the recovery period the body, in turn, waiting for the next workout 101 has repetition zapasёt glycogen one percent greater.The challenge for the next bodybuilder training through super efforts to make one repeat more, there is already a 102 repetition.Constantly increasing the load - the amount of repetitions at first, then increasing burdening - is necessary to achieve such a state, when the muscles are working towards supervosstanovleniyu time.

But it should be noted that it takes time for supervosstanovleniya.And in order for this process was faster, it is necessary to shift the maximum level of metabolism in the body of an athlete in a positive way.Generally, weight training alone accelerate metabolism.In the late 80's in one of the institutions of the United States in finding the answer to the question of how to grow muscle, it was shown that intensive training with weights for 1.5 hours, cause an increase in the level of endogenous testosterone by 40%.But any anabolic steroid is a synthetic analog of testosterone.

Hence the conclusion: for permanent muscle growth need super-each workout, plus time for supervosstanovleniya.