Eating before and after exercise.

importance of what should be the food before and after exercise in people involved in sports, the subject of many articles.Consider the basics of diet and eating mode before training and after its completion.

So, before considering the question of how power should be before and after exercise, you need to define the purpose for the training.Also, do not be superfluous to identify prospective outcome.Wishes to gain muscle mass in addition to the need to adhere to the persistent strength training hearty diet.It should be calorie-rich carbohydrates and proteins.

should be borne in mind that the diet is also important.In particular, food before and after exercise for a set of muscle mass has the following features.Food intake shortly before a workout should be easy, but at the same time giving the stock of energy and contain enough protein - a building material for recovery and muscle growth.That is, the emphasis is on the use of protein and carbohydrate-rich foods.It boiled or fried eggs, rice or other cereal, meat, cheese, fruit, and so on. D. It is advisable to eat about two hours before your workout, or at least no later than 30 minutes before.And the less time remains before the occupation, the more limited the amount of food should be.After a workout is better to eat the same food as before it.Carbohydrates will be actively used to restore the body's energy expenditure.Depleted food proteins into amino acids will be the basis for protein synthesis in the muscles, which is especially active is performed after exercise.If training is not planned, it is possible to return to normal diet.The emphasis in this case is to make use of natural high-calorie food.

Meals before and after training diet should contain a small amount of carbohydrates and proteins.On the use of fats must be almost completely forgotten.Time of the meal on the eve of training the same - no later than two hours.As food for losing weight should use natural fruits and vegetables, and dietary meat, fish, porridge, seafood and so on. N. Power after training diet should be either very easy or does it better to postpone two hours.

Thus, nutrition before and after exercise for a set of muscle mass and weight loss have significant differences.However, there is in them, and something similar.Anyhow, during training and nutrition should be the most natural.Food intake should be implemented on schedule.

To all of the above will also add that at the moment is quite common phenomenon is the so-called sports nutrition - specialized nutritional supplements.Each determines the necessity of its use for themselves.However, we must dispel the misconception about the dangers of these products.In fact, high-quality, natural and without chemical admixtures sports nutrition health benefits, contributing to its recovery.It is recommended for use for the purpose of recruitment of muscle mass, or as a source of additional energy.

Now a little about the importance of total diet, as well as individual diet.Given the nature of his body, you must make an individual meal plan.In it you want to display the products that should be excluded from the diet altogether (eg, fast food).It is not necessary to pay special attention to taste food better to keep in mind its favor.Create the necessary conditions to use food in the same time.This will help achieve the desired results as a set of muscle mass and lose weight or keep fit.Only in a few days, on holidays, you can just loosen his regime and enjoy the taste of favorite dishes.But do not relax too much, otherwise the return will be a beneficial diet difficult.