Revenge boyfriend for an idiotic joke

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young woman made sure that her boyfriend, forcing the lady to believe in what he put her beloved dog in the washing machine and started the wash, it was painful and sad ...

27-year-old Dominic Petrinova came with furyand experienced a real shock when her boyfriend Eric Meldik told her that accidentally stuck their little dog Sam in the washing machine, and that the animals are erased.However, he soon enough said, wept bitterly friend that played it and apologized, but at the same time did not fail to place video lottery abuse on the Internet.

Dominica, awareness of the fact that revenge - a dish should be served cold, waited a few days and then take appropriate action.

After Eric took a shower, Dominic met him on the threshold of the bathroom and said that in his bedroom for a pleasant surprise - one of her gifts in honor of his birthday, which occurred the day before.The girl tied the young man's eyes, took a towel covered his loins, and sat in the chair.The very same this time glued to the chair to another two wax strips for hair removal, after a good brushing them with both sides fitovoskom.Eric lifted from the chair, she led him to a chair with stripes and sat on it.A short time later the guy Dominic resolved to remove the bandage.He could not grasp.What is a surprise, but soon noticed that his back and scrotum are glued to the chair.All his attempts to get the young man caused the pain.

A friend meanwhile filmed the entire process on video and advised Erik to break away from the chair abruptly.She completed her video when the young man was able to pull back and scrotum from the chair and fled from the scene, screaming in pain.

general, Eric and his friend Medlik Tsenek Shtiblo famous in his home country, the Czech Republic, production of various practical jokes, but this time the victim was the draw of one of them.

Dominic decided that stunt with the dog in the washing machine - it's overkill, and decided to teach her boyfriend a painful lesson that he will not soon forget.

She commented on his actions: "I was very upset when I thought that Sam was in a washing machine. And Eric was running after me and kept saying that he is very sorry. But he does not regret, because filming it all on videowhich is then posted on the Internet. And now, I'm sure he sincerely regretted. "

Photo source: CEN,