How to build the vaginal muscles through exercise?

Women's health and enjoyment of sex is entirely dependent on the condition of the muscles of her vagina.With age or childbirth vaginal muscles lose their strength, weaken, become stretched.In this article I'll show you how to pump up the muscles of the vagina with the help of Kegel exercises.

According to the theory of yoga, our life energy flows through the bosom of the earth.And if you know how to pump up the muscles of the vagina, it is possible to stop the leak feminine energy.This will impact positively on the mood, health and creativity.

Chinese treatises have come down to us from ancient times, report that the emperor's concubine, who practiced these exercises were excellent health and retain the beauty and resilience of genitals to old age.They could keep the muscles of your womb 12 kg.

to train the muscles of the vagina using a stone or wooden egg, which carries the load.Egg with a load introduced into the fold, and delayed it.Eventually egg begin to move up and down and sideways wiggle.Cargo weight gradually increased.

Technique Hold the egg better not Tutor, and recourse to the instructor in order to prevent the omission of the uterus or vagina stretch.

Kegel exercises have an impact on the smooth muscles of the vagina that, when regular classes are fleshy, so the vagina can better encircle the male member.Performing Kegel exercises, each woman will be able to improve their health.To achieve the best results, exercise should be performed for the vagina daily.

exercises for the muscles of the vagina

  1. order to learn to feel the muscles of your vagina, you must learn to hold urine during urination for a while.Each time you visit the toilet, try to hold the urine stream.
  2. Quickly squeeze vaginal muscles 10-20 times in a row.
  3. Strain the inspiratory muscles of the vagina for 5 seconds and exhale relax them.Perform 10 times.
  4. Pull vaginal muscles as if you have something to hold them for 5 seconds and then relax.Run 10 times.
  5. Try to push the man's penis during love lessons.
  6. Perform squats by placing his hands on her hips.Sitting down, pause for a few seconds in this position.

Most women are looking for information on how to pump up the muscles of the vagina in a short period of time.Unfortunately, rapidly develop the muscles of the vagina is impossible.This needs to be addressed constantly.

Women who are proficient in the womb muscles, a man able to deliver extraordinary pleasure.In addition, when the vaginal muscles trained female critical days pass without any pain.By training your muscles for women, you can save yourself from ovarian dysfunction or inflammation of the appendages, and also become the perfect lover.Now you know how to pump up the muscles of the vagina, doing simple but very useful exercise.Good luck to you!