10 tips on how to cover the New Year's table

1. Start with the tablecloth.It should be flawless, spotless and wrinkles.And to keep the cloth from stretching, and the ears of the guests - from knocking utensils and appliances, bed under her Molleton (cotton flannel), tying him to the legs.

2. Contrary to accepted opinion that the tablecloth should hang down from the table by 15-20 cm, cover the table skatertyu- "maxi", falling to the floor.

3. Cover a round table with a tablecloth and put on top of a square patch of fabric - a golden or white - and combined cloth ready.

4. Now take care of napkins.Pastel colors leave for another holiday!On New Year colored napkins and tablecloths must be contrasted, for example, yellow combined with green or blue, gold - red.

5. Beautifully laid out napkins - a wonderful table decoration.We will open three small, but very important secret.The first is suitable for serving fine linen, melange, or even better - cotton napkins in size 30x30 cm.

But if you're going to lay out their complex shapes, the size of napkins should be more - 50x50 cm. The second: certainly nakrahmalte them.Third, make sure that when ironing cloth does not stretch - the smoother side, the beautiful figures obtained.

6. If you prefer a "modest" napkin rings buy them - the same "little thing" that can be the finishing touch of festive compositions.

7. To make sure your table is not inferior to that served at dinner parties, card stock with the names of guests.They can be ordered in the printing, but it is easier to cut out most of the usual Christmas cards.If the card is double, put it behind the diner plate, and if single, leaning against the glass.

8. Your party guests remember for a long time if you prepare for each of these souvenirs.However, bought the store does not go to any comparison made with his own hands - well, for example, with a buttonhole.For its manufacturing you need a fur-tree branch and some flowers.You can wrap the foil or colored paper and little boxes to put into each note with the predictions of the comic and New Year wishes.

9. New Year's Eve is complete without dance.So, most likely, a big Christmas tree you have to replace a small table.You do not have this?Then make a composition with a potted flower.

Ideal rozhdestvennik blooming, red anthurium, lily, poinsettia, and (without the West can not do any Christmas table).Closer to the center of the table put a bucket with ice and champagne, on the edges - candlesticks.

10. What concerns the Christmas dishes, it is best to give preference to light salads and snacks, canapes and fruits, as New Year's feast is supposed to night, and night - not the best time for a heavy meal like grilled meat.It is better if the guests and go at midnight with an appetite, and in the morning will not complain of heaviness in the stomach, and feeling unwell.

Happy New Year!

Articles Source: natali.ua