Extremism and terrorism - a threat to society.

absolutely logical is the fact that the issue of terrorism in the modern world and its information field is one of the most important.Already since 2000, the company became an associate Middle East (and all that is associated with Islam) with a term such as terrorism.The threat to society posed by gangs, is very high, but you can not connect them directly with Islam.Since in this case, the emergence of such groups to associate with religion is not entirely correct.

What is terrorism?

practice and ideology of violence that is based solely on the illegal and violent actions, which are aimed at the adoption of a decision by the authorities, it is terrorism.The threat to society while colossal rushes, since the main task is achieved through intimidation and physical destruction of the population.It is worth noting that this is not the goal itself, but merely a way to achieve it.The whole approach to terrorism, murder is defined as a necessity.Roughly speaking, imposed a sentence of a group of people united, a country or an entire religion, which virtually accused of all mortal sins.The only way to solve this problem it is considered a complete physical destruction.Due to this problem is solved by its own, be it political, economic or social.

Terrorism - a threat to society!With the fear that he sows in the society, it can be controlled by those who are affected by.This is the case not just banal extermination or murder, are also held demonstrations penalty, cutting heads and other terrible things that attackers capture the photo or video for future broadcasts, as proof of their seriousness.

What is a terrorist act?

act of terrorism is any act (whether it's a blast, seizure, arson, etc.), which carries a deterrent effect for society, poses a danger to human life and risk of property or physical injury.The main purpose of such manipulation is the destabilization of the existing power and political relations in the international arena.

Any country separately taken person can be "under the gun" terrorists, if they see the need.The definition of terrorism in any country is almost the same.

Backstage games terrorist organizations

now modern forms of terrorism (as part of the fight) are used actively by many radical groups and organizations.But it is necessary to address a different issue.If radically minded people that use fear as a manipulator of public mood, everything is clear, then what about those who do not apply pressure on the ordinary people, the government and heads of state?At the same time the civilian population remains untouched.Thus, terrorists can be attributed almost any person that committed the murder.This is the kind of cunning heads of many states that can seamlessly declare any terrorist organization.

The Middle East

Since 2001 and to this day the most stressful place with a lot of terrorist organizations is the Middle East.It should be noted at once, all the gangs and groups that are there, fighting mainly from the US and EU countries.This is due to the fact that a large number of countries in this region for a long time were colonies of the same Great Britain, France and America.But despite the seeming independence of these countries, their whole economy still has a colonial character.And their true owners are those countries which are now directed against the wrath of terror.

Thus, in order to keep under control the economies of these countries, "colonizers" is constantly destabilizing the political situation since 2001 and are full-fledged military action.Of course, all the forces of the East rather scattered between them are much worse armed than the first country of the world because, as one of the most affordable and effective options for effects they use methods of terror.

I want to say that part of the society itself, which is directed against terrorist aggression, to some extent responsible for this.After all, if citizens admit to the power of man with obviously extremely aggressive foreign policy, it is quite natural that after a while they will become victims of the regime.

Thus, it is necessary for each person to be responsible for their political views.This is not a question of morals or ethics, but only logical political-military response to a destructive foreign policy towards other states or nations.In other words, if the tank is compared to the earth the next city, while the forces of resistance is not possible to adequately respond, then they fight with the weapons available to them.

Terrorism and extremism

Increasingly, you can hear the phrase "Terrorism and extremism - a threat to society!".Naturally, it is difficult to argue, but to begin to understand the concepts and some of the definitions.

extremism - it is a certain tendency to the most extreme measures and extreme views, but a person who is committed to this policy, is none other than as a theorist.Terrorists - a dedicated practitioner.Any extreme, be it radical reforms in the economy and calls for the murder of "infidels" is complete nonsense, since such a view of things does not leave any chance to maneuver or retreat.When

extremism does not bring the desired results, the course is the next phase, because these two concepts, and go together, but they should not be confused.The threat to society (as in extremism and terrorism at) depends on many factors: which side of the conflict are involved, their purpose, methods, etc.But be that as it may, though these manifestations of aggression and depend on each other, it's worth catching the fine line that distinguishes them.For example, any terrorist - is necessarily an extremist, but at the same time without any extremist can go for the kill.

terrorism as a threat to Russia's national security

What could be one of the most powerful tools in the fight against the nations in the international arena?The answer to this question is very simple, because by means of terrorism one country can easily undermine the economic condition of the second, to undermine its spirit and set up citizens of the state against the ruling power.

Based on the fact that the position of the Russian Federation is currently strong and the country is becoming more confident in the political arena, some followers of the unipolar world does not wish to have a recalcitrant neighbor.And because in the country, in one part, then another, terrorist acts are starting to flare.

Needless to say, that at the moment there is plenty of evidence from which it is clear that the United States is sponsoring a huge number of such terrorist organizations operating around the world.All these steps, anyway, are intended to weaken Russia, to destabilize all the neighboring areas, which border with the Russian Federation.An example we have already seen from the Ukraine and the military coup in that country.Thus, terrorism as a threat to Russia's national security - a problem quite urgent, but necessary to understand that the artist is not so dangerous as his customer.

Terrorism and extremism in the Caucasus

As for the Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, it is quite a long time he was the most "hot spot."Only in 1997 it was made in 1290 terrorist attacks, and 15 years later - 1728.

Terrorism - a threat to society!We are against terrorism!Such statements are increasingly heard in the Caucasus.But there does exist such a thing as Wahhabism.Supporters of this movement have been active in the struggle not only with the Russian federal forces, but with the whole of Christianity in general.Especially important is the confrontation in the northern part.

Naturally, it would be wrong to say that all the followers of Islam are irreconcilable war with the rest of the world.These control methods can be directed completely to either side.This background will ideally aligned to the tradition of faith and alleged religious texts in which this confrontation is described as a holy war.

TV no pauses and repeats every day that terrorism - a threat to society.News reports are filled with a huge amount from the scene.After reviewing the majority of them, it can be a full-fledged concluded that all acts that are somehow connected with extremism and militant groups - ethnic and religious.In fact, it's safe to say that the struggle of the Christian and Islamic civilization is in full swing, and terrorism and extremism - a threat to society.

Procedure during a terrorist act

can not say with absolute certainty that modern man is fully protected from this or that aggression.The Government of any State tries to do everything to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks.But given the fact that terrorism - a threat to society, emergencies can happen at any moment.The main thing that can save lives, is the ability to think rationally during the terrorist act in time and to take the necessary action.It is important to always keep yourself in their hands.This memo with the threat of terrorist operations could save your life:

  • Inspect yourself for injuries.
  • Before you do anything, you need to calm down as much as possible, do not forget about the possibility of a second explosion.
  • In the case of injury or blocking under the rubble in any case can not be independently try to do anything.
  • ceiling is necessary to strengthen the furniture to prevent the possibility of its collapse.
  • Remove sharp objects away, if possible to call the emergency services.
  • airways need to cover a damp handkerchief.
  • important to help rescue workers find themselves, which is necessary to supply the signals.
  • Screaming need only when you hear voices, otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.

Information terrorism

Due to widespread "setivizatsii" to the fore already known to all the world players in the field of international relations trying to get some non-state actors that are engaged in provocative activities.It is this cyber-terrorism.The threat information society can lead to quite unexpected consequences.

Cyber ​​terrorism - deliberate and purposeful use of any information to the top of the state coercion to certain economic, political or religious decisions.An important factor in this attack is the emotional impact on public opinion.

Now, among the already large number of variations in the implementation of terrorist acts, on the foreground information sphere.By itself, the information can be seen as a necessary human resource which, if desired, can be used as a weapon to create controversy.Thus, when dramatic changes of world globalization the issue of ensuring its quality (meaning national) security, comes to the fore.

course, terrorism - a threat to society, the dangers of which are not only in the banal use of "brute force", but if I may say so, "soft power" that is based on the manipulation of the psychology of society.Due to the fact that the role of information in such a war is the dominant, many Western countries are actively began to develop a new focus on defense (and, perhaps, and attack), information field against possible threats from the outside.This can be called the modern concept of "network war".

Modern terrorism

At this point, along with the most dangerous viruses and diseases, terrorism occupies a special place.The threat to modern society is obvious, and effective cure for these problems in the modern world yet.Consider a few trends that can be attributed to the terror of our times:

  1. Increasing the geographical distribution (hence the victims) as a result of terrorist attacks.
  2. mutual influence of several factors (economic, political and other) to the emergence, spread or worsening of terrorism.
  3. Orderliness gangs increases.
  4. Strong correlation of different gangs of organized crime (including intercontinental).
  5. Increased funding terrorists from customers.
  6. desire bandits seize weapons of mass destruction.
  7. Terrorism is used as a weapon to intervene in the country's politics.

Based on the foregoing, we can summarize that modern terrorism - a threat to the individual, society, the state, the economy, religion and freedom.When anti-terrorist activities of any organization, be sure to consider all its tendencies, which, unfortunately, are developing continually.


Terrorism - a threat to society!This statement clearly underlines the one organization that has recently become very 'popular' because of its shocking video executions, kidnappings of diplomats, consuls and the seizure of Mosul."Islamic State" - IG (LIH) - is trying to position itself as a kind of "dream team" of particularly cruel and fearless gangs that are based solely on radical Islamism and its Salafi interpretation of Islam.In fact, if you look at all of their goals and methods to achieve them, it can be seen everywhere one and the same scenario.Terrorism - a threat to society, and the harm that it carries, can be compared only with the Ebola virus, which also grows out of control and affects more and more people every day.But on the basis of some of the actions of the IG, we can safely assure that they carry out their atrocities is not so much because of religious beliefs is more in the geopolitical disposition.

main goal of LIH - is the creation of a certain state in the territories of Syria and Iraq.Terrorism - a growing threat to society, and this may indicate that the people of these countries, however paradoxical it may sound, supported by the intruders.Some experts argue that this is because the terrorists are cunning - always share with the people captured and stolen.

Despite the fact that the methods of terrorists are not yet fully developed, the work in this direction is already bearing fruit.Worldwide activated enhanced security measures.Terrorism, subject to certain social and political situations in some countries, one way or another lead to the totalitarian-democratic system, the main instruments which will not only terrorist attacks, but also information.Terrorism - a threat to society.And consider its subtext, we can confidently say that it is a natural component of the whole society of the modern world.Naturally, this must be something to do, and as soon as possible.