Error washing machine "Samsung" (Sumsung)

Washing machines brand "Samsung" are quite popular.Today they can boast of excellent quality.However, improper use model owner can expect some problems.It should also be understood that breaking the washing machine "Samsung" can occur for reasons independent of the owner.

primarily on wear affects the water.In different regions of the country it is different stiffness.This contamination of the pipeline in the region can be critical.In addition, problems at power plants can damage the circuit board, which is installed in the washing machine.

How do I find an error code?

If we talk about washing machines, which have a display, the error code can be easily recognized by their labels, which will appear there.In this case, it refers primarily to the instructions supplied with the model.It is possible to learn in detail about the problem and how to solve it.In some cases, you can fix this problem on their own without reference to a service center.However, in any case, should carefully read the safety

regulations specified in the instructions and be sure to work the washing machine disconnect.

most common mistakes

Most often consumers are turning to the service centers because of the broken water level sensor.This item is in the washing machine is pretty capricious.As is clear from its title, it transmits the information to the control board on filling the tank with water.Said sensor consists of a system unit with pins and tubes.In some cases, only the damaged hose.It can be either separate from the or tear due to mechanical damage.In any case, the display of the washing machine can be seen the error code "1E".

second common problem is considered to be a fault with the electric motor.The device is rather complicated and overload always end in tears.They arise, for example, when the owner of the load is too much laundry in the drum.Also, the engine can be blocked if it hit an object.In this case, the display can be seen the code "3E".

What should I do if code "1E"?

As mentioned earlier, when the washing machine is not working, "Samsung" error "lE" indicates a problem with the water sensor.In order to cope with the breakdown need to disassemble the enclosure.For this purpose, you must first remove the back panel of the washing machine.Further it can be seen in the upper part of the drain pump.Directly behind it is a water level sensor.

To remove the drain pump, you need to use a screwdriver.After that you should carefully inspect the sensor.If the handset is visible defects, it is replaced.In some cases it may simply fall out of the block.In this situation it is necessary to fix it.When the unit breaks down, the sensor to be completely replaced.You can purchase it at the service center, stating the model of the washing machine.

error in a washing machine "4E"

If the display you can see the error of "4E" washing machine "Samsung" is not included because of the failure of the valve.The reason it may be a foreign object which accidentally touched.In addition, contacts can be broken valve.Winding it thus damaged.In order to determine the exact cause of failure, experts advise first of all check the connection of hoses.In some cases, eyeliner hot and cold water can be broken.

washing machine code "4E1"

Errors washing machine "Samsung" - "4E1" relate specifically to the cold water supply.In such a situation, wash items can not start because the required temperature is not reached.To eliminate this problem, you can try yourself.To do this, check the integrity of the hose, which carries cold water.

If defects are found, it is necessary to remove the back cover of the washing machine and to check the connection pipe in place.When it is violated, the cold water supply hose is best replaced immediately.Alternatively, you can consider the application of the sealant.If the damage is minor, it can simply be repaired.


tachometer tacho problems are fairly common.In some cases, they occur because of the contacts.In this situation, the display shows the code "3E".If you notice this problem in the first place specialist inspected the motor winding.It can be broken by overheating.Additionally, third-party items can cause malfunction.

As an example: the coil can get unscrew the bolt.Thus, the contacts are broken and the engine can not work normally.If the problem is in the switch tacho, users see an error on the displays of washing machines "Samsung" - "3E2".In this situation, the signal between the contacts will be very weak.Fix this problem is cleared relay.If it is contaminated, contacts, of course, blocked.Even in the tacho motor can break the sensor.This happens very rarely, but the problem is considered serious.In this case, the display shows the error of the washing machine "Samsung" - "3E3".To resolve this issue, check all contacts.The gap between them should not be significant.In this case, the signal from the sensor will be held stably.

What is the reason code "5E"?

When the washing machine stops working, "Samsung" error "5e" tells the user about problems with water draining.Most often the problem lies precisely in the pump, or rather its impeller.This element is located in the washing machine on the engine.In order to examine it, you should first remove the protective filter.You can then twist the pump and check it out.The impeller is located on it at the bottom.

To replace it, you want to use the key.If, eventually, the pump would be workable, the problem is clearly the drain hose, which has a washing machine "Samsung".Error "5E" in this situation may indicate that a conduit is clamped.In the worst situation, it will have to be cleaned or replaced.Clog up the drain hose is often due to the fact that it can get a variety of items such as coins and buttons.

code washing machine "UE"

When the washing machine is broken "Samsung" error "UE" signals the owner about the problems of the imbalance.This suggests that the laundry is not evenly packed in the apparatus.As a consequence, the drum might be skewed.In this situation, the motor is not able to dial the normal speed.

This error may occur due to congestion.To avoid it, you should pay attention to the parameters of the model.The instructions to the washing machine, the user can find information about the maximum allowable weight of the laundry, which is able to withstand the drum.

Error washing machine "SE"

If you do not turn on a washing machine "Samsung" error "SE" indicates a problem with the cooling.This fault affects primarily water discharge in the piping system.This occurs due to the fact that its temperature is too high and exceeds 55 degrees.The reasons for this failure may be several.In most cases, the problem of cooling is in the sensor, which is installed in the washing machine.

This water temperature everything is fine, but the system does not see it.To solve this problem requires a complete replacement of the sensor.Deconstructing the washing machine, check all connections, as the reason may be that the pipes are not in place.In this case, the model can be repaired by simply putting everything in its place.

problems with the engine (code "8E")

Errors washing machine "Samsung" "8E" issued when an unstable rotation of the motor.The reason for this can be considered a violation of signals in contact.Additionally, it may be faulty control unit.First, inspect it contacts the engine.If they are dirty, they need to be cleaned.

When the problem is in the control unit, to do anything by yourself is difficult.The simplest action is to replace the part.However, it should be noted that the control unit - is an expensive thing, and getting it, you need to be sure of its necessity.

Errors supply

When the voltage is supplied by a network excessive, the display can be seen the inscription "9E1".In order to correct such error codes washing machine "Samsung", check the current network.You can do this operation with the help of the tester.This device is applied to all power contacts.During operation, the washing machine is also necessary to follow the indications of the tester.

In some cases, the problem may be caused by the use of an extension cord.If it is longer than 1 meter, it is possible to decrease the voltage.The most troublesome is the failure of the control unit.In this situation, the voltage is normal, but the washing machine does not see.We solve this problem by replacing the control module.However, when the code "9E1" it happens very rarely.

Why the display shows "AE"?

The display shows "AE" is mainly connected with the display system model.In order to correct such error codes washing machine "Samsung", specialists dismantle the control unit.At this stage, you need to check the integrity of all connectors.If you see any defects, they should be corrected.Most often, they occur because of improper soldering.As a result, it can be called the factory marriage.If after checking the display system is malfunctioning, the control module is changed completely.

code "FE": the elimination of the causes of failure and

These errors issued a washing machine "Samsung", talking about the problems with ventilation.You can try to solve them on their own, without reference to a service center.To begin to remove the back cover.It is the fan is usually on the side panel.The first thing to examine the connection of the capacitor.

In some cases, the top cover can not stay.If the condenser is in order, then you need to check directly with the fan, namely its wiring.If defects are seen on it, it should be replaced or sealed.It is important to follow safety rules, so as not to disturb the insulation system.The last thing to correct this error in washing machines "Samsung" experts inspect the fan inside.In this case it is necessary to start with the blades.

If they stoppers and they interfere with anything, the fan must be completely clean of dust.Also, the problem may lie in the low-quality bearings.As a rule, after some time they tend to fall out.Independently replace them is very problematic.Given this, it is more expedient to give a fan on repair service center.