Can you get the parcel without notice?

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exchange of parcels is becoming more and more popular.And if before the bulky box with the things they sent to each other mostly relatives living in different parts of the vast country, but now people are actively writes through the mail items online stores.Many people use foreign sites for the delivery of more affordable items.Standard Delivery parcels from abroad to the addressee - 1 month.By ordering goods on the Internet, the buyer usually regularly monitors track the departure and aware of his arrival in the OPS before the delivery of the notice.How to be in this situation and whether it is possible to go to the post office for sending without notice in the hands?The answer to this question is yes.Arriving at the local post office with an identification document, and the number of origin, you can ask the operator to issue a parcel in his hands.

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Without carrying the identification number of the international administration, the recipient, who joined the OPS at the place of registration, may not accurately formulate the class of origin.Some people do not see the difference between the parcels sent 1st class and small packets.The operator will be a long time to sort out filing before the required will.So getting parcels without notice markedly accelerated if you contact will know exactly the class of origin and the number of SPI.

Can an operator refuse extradition?

Operators in post offices are overworked.In addition to the endless queues and customer service staff address a lot of documentary work.Parcels in the department stores a month, and if the recipient for some reason could not come for the administration for 1 week, re-issued notice.Many a reasonable question.Can you get the parcel without notice in a crowded OPS and has the right to refuse a client if the operator to issue?

normative documents of the Russian Post registered item of non-repudiation operators issuing RPO provided message ID number.Check availability of departure, the operator will write or re-print notice.

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If you can get the parcel without notes, notification loses its meaning, some believe.However, the notification form has two sides.And if the front part serves as notification of the arrival of parcels to the addressee, as well as reports on the operation and address of the OPS, the reverse side is a document that is presented to employees of the postal service to the headquarters office.On the back of the receiver indicate their passport data, puts the date and signature.Thus, the notice serves as a receipt for the control of the higher authority.The pure forms of notifications stored in all branches and modern postal service programs may be re-printed nominal notification in seconds.

What if the recipient does not reside at the place of registration?

There are situations that relatives do not remember the exact address, or the parcel arrived at his residence, and the recipient actually resides at another location.Can you get the parcel, without notice, if the addresses do not match?If the recipient does not know that he sent mail, then after a period of storage, it will go back to the sender.Changing the address, you must contact the post office to forward a statement.In this case, all subsequent notices the postman will bring the place of actual residence.

Sometimes a printed notification operators "walk" in the district during the term of the RPO in the department.The addressee simply can not be found, no one knows where he lives in the moment.It also happens that the notification form falls into the hands of the recipient is already a month after the arrival of the parcel.But when the customer goes to the post office point of delivery, operators have a sympathetic shrug.

Rent PO Boxes

Notice that the postman brought and dropped in the mailbox can get bullies box can not be closed, and in some homes is simply no such.If a person often uses postal services, in this case it is advisable to rent a post office post office box.The situations are different, the key of the box may be lost, or the recipient in a hurry forget it at home.

Can I pick it up without notice, if the key is lost from the PO box?And whether postal workers be fined for the loss of a key?More often than not renting mailboxes are regular customers who OPS employees know in person.Therefore, operators have no trouble finding items.In addition, postal workers often call themselves warn customers of a permanent office in the RPO in the name of the recipient.For a duplicate of a lost key the tenant will pay its cost.No additional fines in this case will be charged.

How to get a parcel without notice?Correspondence demand

Rental mail subscriber cells are actively organizing and wealthy citizens.If a person is not sure of the safety notices in the mail box or the mailman in good faith, it can be left in the place of registration OPS correspondence to his name on demand.The fee for this service is relatively cheaper than renting at the box office.Client regularly visits the post office with the question of whether there is in his name any correspondence.

The question of whether we can get the parcel without notice, the recipient does not arise, because the notice with a mark "on demand" is stored in the GPT, and can not be lost.Besides parcels, the department addressed the recipient may receive valuable or registered letter, sending EMS, valuable parcel of 1st class, small package from abroad, parcels of books.

How long the administration is stored in the office for free?

each newly arrived departure operators immediately register on the site of Russian Post.Free packages are stored in the OPS within 7 calendar days.Over the following days, storage fee will be charged according to the postal tariffs.How to get a parcel without notice, if the recipient lives in the boonies, and the postman has the ability to get to the place by force once a week?Is this fair to charge the customer a fee for storage of origin?In the event that the recipient resides in a remote area (and the postman passes addressee regularly) branch employees often do not charge additional fees for storage of parcels, in response to the client.

sms alerts

If a regular postal service finds it difficult to keep track of your departure via the Internet or do not have the ability to visit the OPS with the question "Can I pick it up without notice?", In this case, produced by ordering him to better activate the service SMSinforming authorities.The company sent the goods, she traces the origin of value.

If the site next to the track of the client is checked, "came to the place of delivery", the organization sends a message to the customer about the arrival of the parcel.Some customers are confused about sending messages RPO and his arrival at the place of delivery, annoying the operators to issue a parcel at a time when it is still in the way.In this case, you need to carefully read the text alert and respect the work of postal workers.

Can get the parcel relative?

Not all people can come to the post office on weekdays because of their excessive workload.What if the administration of important and urgent?Can you get the parcel without notice close relative who came to the department with a passport destination?Postal workers have no right to give out valuable departures even with the availability of the passport of the recipient.Parcels and valuable parcels are issued only personally!If the recipient has a tight schedule, it may be appropriate in an office on Saturday or to issue a power of attorney to relatives, register it with the local government or by a notary.

Division near abroad

This is the case in Russia.Residents of the neighboring countries are also interested in whether you can get the parcel without notice?On Ukrpochta, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and in the post offices of other countries of the near abroad similar procedure for issuing RPO, whether domestic or international origin.The recipient must present a passport or other identity document.For example, soldiers serving outside the country, imposes as a document of the military card.Relatives can tell a soldier or his authorized representative SPI number indicated on the receipt, which they have given to OPS when sending.As you can see from all the above, receive parcels without notice - a phenomenon quite common and widespread.