How to quickly get rid of the extra calories?

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you eat delicious cakes - and half an hour later regretted it.It was clearly superfluous after a hearty dinner, and added a couple of hundred calories in the "furnace of a steam locomotive."What to do?Do not be sad, now, you know how to correct the situation without tension.

Of course, it would be best to go to a fitness club and lose those extra calories by working on the equipment to sweat.But not everyone has time for such an urgent campaign because a few days in advance all the cases usually already laid out.

combine business with pleasure

as "sweet candy" will be the realization that all of your business are associated with the combustion of unwanted calories.Well, and the use made of the cases will be quite obvious.

If soon you have on the agenda of cleaning the apartment, then start doing it immediately.Keep in mind that the general cleaning of the room for 1 hour will help get rid of just 200 calories.And if in the process guidance of purity you move furniture, then add to the previous figure is still the same.

you looked in the refrigerator and realized it was time to pay a visit to the grocery store.This "event" also promises fabulous results in the acquisition of the former harmony.If you buy in the store will take about half an hour, then your calorie budget, you can deduct 120 calories way back home on foot with a pair of hefty bags and lifting, for example, on the third floor will help to decrease another 130 calories.

you have plans to pat underwear?If you dedicate to this task for half an hour, then another 100 calories "leave" your body.

like to work in the country?Amazing work in the garden or on the plot - beautiful fitness outdoors.Digging soil or weeding flower beds for the entire 15 minutes will save you 100 calories.

If you - a car enthusiast, you forget about a car wash.Do it yourself - and the work will be done more efficiently, and another hundred calories will be spent by the body for some 20 minutes.

not forget about walking and walking outdoors

daily walking - the most affordable way to keep yourself in good physical shape.A half-hour walk briskly will burn about 200 calories.For example, you walk to the nearest metro station and avoid crowding on the bus a few stops or walk to work or back.

If you have a four-legged friend, the daily walks with his beloved dog - also a great exercise for the body.At the weekend, you can go with your family in the open air and play badminton, volleyball or even in any mobile game.

reduces the amount of snacking with water

If you're used to snack between breakfast and lunch, and dinner to something have time to throw in the mouth, we advise you to quit.Under the guise of "my body is hungry, it's time for something to eat" sometimes hidden thirst.Try instead of the traditional snack drink a glass of cold water - and you'll see that the "hunger" vanished.

Many nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water, if you want to lose weight.Our body consists of water by 75-80%.It is a good solvent for supplying cells and tissues of nutrients and carries away the waste.Water - an important thermostat of the body.If sufficient water is always moisturized skin, our muscles are securely fastened, and the joints for a long time retain their flexibility.But, the most important - in the aqueous medium flow all the digestive processes of the human organism.Proper water balance - is a guarantee of stable operation of all organ systems.

Catching up on counting calories, as you then ate and spent, we should not forget that the energy that enters our body with food is spent on basic metabolism, the process of digestion, growth and renewal of tissues, to maintain the heat balance and physical activity.If energy intake (food) exceeds its consumption, the excess energy stored in the body as fat.Fat deposition and promote carbohydrate rich food.

Review your diet towards increasing the share of vegetable and protein.And remember physical activities that can be combined with useful work.They help get rid of the extra kilos.

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