Nail gel without adding: step by step guide

Species diversity manicure lately is simply amazing.Inside the master doing incredible things with the fingers of his clients.Now you can not only different ways to process the cuticle and skin, but also change the shape of the nail plate.In most cases, this applies special form, tips and gels.This article will be described nail gel without build-up.You can learn about the features of this procedure.Also, find out what you need to cover the nail gel.

necessary materials and tools

If you decide to make a nail gel without building it is necessary to equip some of materials and devices.The most important work is the presence of a viscous substance, which will subsequently be laid out on a plate.The gel may have several types.It is preferable to choose the well-known three-phase system.This includes the base, the base and top coat.Also recently become very popular biogels.However, such materials do not stay in the marigold over two months.They have to be completely removed during the correction and re-apply.There are also gels of three in one.Such coverage can substitute the base substrate and finishing layer.What to choose - the private affair of each individual.

addition to the material you need tools.This includes abrasive sawing, bafiki and napkins.Do not forget the primer that will fasten a nail with a gel coating and degreaser.Do not do without the UV lamp.How is made nail gel without adding?Step by step instructions will be provided to your attention below.

First step: preparation of the natural nail

Before starting nail gel without capacity, you need to correctly handle the plate.For this you will need a saw blade of medium hardness.First, determine the length of a nail, and file off the edges, making the same shape.Then make a grinding plate upper part.This should be done very carefully, do not overdo it.You should not completely grind off the nail, but only remove the thin top layer.

When the work will be carried out on all fingers, you can proceed to the primer coating of the plate.This tool will improve the adhesion of materials and avoid detachments in the future.Remember that after such a coating, do not touch the top of the nail to the other subjects.Otherwise thin layer is broken.

Second step: basic coverage

When the primer has dried (usually within one minute), can be applied to the base.This should be a very thin layer.The gel should not simply laid out on the wafer surface, but as if it rubbed.

Basecoat need to dry in the lamp for two minutes.Remember not to touch the nails to the foreign objects.This can result in damage to the gel layer or the adhesion of foreign matter to it.

The third step: the second layer

Nail gel without increasing necessarily involves applying the modeling layer.If you increase the length of the plate, that would do it exactly this material.Take the brush and apply a thin layer of modeling.If desired, this tool can correct the shape of a nail.

Dry modeling gel should be laid out in a lamp.Depending on the power tool holding time should be from three to seven minutes.Alternately perform impact on the fingers and go to the next step.

Fourth step: shaping

further nail gel (manual) provides for filing lined layer.Arm yourself with an abrasive tool and give the gel shape.If you are completely satisfied with the size and width of its claw, simply align the modeling layer using a nail file or hard bafika.Remember that in the process of putting some of the gel can not be washed and wet hands.Clean the marigolds from dust helps cloth soaked in degreaser.

Fifth step: topcoat

Step nail gel in the following paragraph presupposes the imposition of topcoat.It can have two types: sticky and non-sticky substrate.In the first case, you will need to continue to use a degreaser and polished surface.If the non-stick coating, it is enough to just dry it in a lamp.

Spread final layer should be very thin.Thereafter the nail is not exposed obpilu not modeled.When the layer is dried, it is safe to wash their hands and begin to spray design.

How to carry out the correction of natural nails, gel-coated?

As graft coating own nails under a layer of gel require periodic adjustment.Hold it should be as follows.

  1. spilite abrasive tool upper (finishing) layer.
  2. Give claw shape.
  3. Apply primer and let it dry.Pay special attention to the treatment of the free edge of the plate.
  4. Put on natural nail base and dry it in the tube.
  5. Cover nails modeling layer and process it in the UV unit.
  6. Apply a topcoat and dry.
  7. Wipe nails degreasing composition.

use of bio-gel

are increasingly using natural compounds to produce nail gel without build-up.Reviews of such tools is quite controversial.Some women are satisfied and confident that the gel completely harmless.Others ladies do not recognize such material and prefer to use classical methods.

Biogel is applied in the same way as the standard coating.However, in this case the layer will be only one.Some materials do not require use of primers or other bonding compositions.Biogel is dried in a conventional manner in the lamp.The service life of this coating is approximately one month.After this layer is removed and a new composition is applied.

Application of three in one

This type of nail gel without increasing the simplest and easiest of all presented.To work, you need to act according to the following instructions.

  1. spilite topcoat natural plate.Do not overdo it.
  2. Wipe nails cleaning agents and remove the resulting dust from them.
  3. Cover fingers primer and let it dry.
  4. with a brush Put a thin layer of gel on the nail.
  5. Place the fingers into the lamp and hold it for 2 minutes.
  6. next layer should be somewhat thicker.It can also be treated with ultraviolet light.However, to keep the handle in the lamp need to have up to five minutes.
  7. Clean coating degreasing solution.
  8. Bafikom polish topcoat.You can then proceed to the application of the design or the usual lacquer coating.

Nail gel without increasing the length

What are the advantages and create a sense of the coverage?Marigolds are the fairer sex in kind.They do not grow longer.In fact, many women find this method vulgar.

undoubted advantage of this treatment is that the plate becomes much stronger.You can do all the usual chores and not worry about what the nail breaks or starts to exfoliate.Also in the design of the nails holding a little longer than natural.

Summary Article

you now know how to nail gel made without build-up.Photos final works are presented to your attention in this article.If you are not confident in their abilities or lack the necessary materials for work, refer to the nail salon.Specialists and experts in their field quickly place your nails and do what you want.Take care of your hands and be beautiful!