Price of Fame Taylor Swift: it threatened to kidnap and kill

Recently 24-year-old singer Taylor Swift told the daily safety measures that it should take the threats she received.

Taylor Swift - one of the most popular artists in the world.It is no secret that with the glory of a man squall of criticism and hate, but according to the singer, she feels it all every day.And those who are in danger, not as harmless as trolls, acting on Twitter.

Swift shared her concerns in an interview for the November issue of the journal Esquire .

"I resisted the idea of ​​hiring security services for a very long time, because I really appreciate a normal life - explained Swift. - Like, for example, most travel by car, which I have not done for six years. But evenif I do sit down behind the wheel, they (the guards) must be in the car behind me. And because our information file appears devil of a man who got into my house, there were in the house of my mother, or threatened to kill me, kidnapor to marry me. "

"It's a strange and sad part of my life, which I try not to think - continued Taylor. - I try to be carefree, because I do not want always something to be afraid of. I do not want to feel the danger, just walking down the street. Butwhen bodyguards with me, I'm not afraid. "

Swift is known for its numerous, but short novels with the stars of the first magnitude, such as Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal, but she does not understand why her personal life attracts so much attention.

"I usually meet somebody, then it turns out that we are not compatible, or that it did not work, and then we run away," - said the singer.- It seems to be a common thing for young people 20-something years.I think it's great to spend a few years with no one meeting, just to find out who you yourself really are ".

But the winner of several awards" Grammy "is now the intention of staying for one very important reason: she really wants to get rid ofthe reputation of the man who wrote the music only when the relationship breaks.

"I just stopped going on dates, because I have a lot of work associated with the entry.And I do not want the guys to get inspiration for a great album to live their lives just to feel good, - assured Taylor Swift.- I wanted to show this to my fans and the same ".

Photo Source: WENN