Mandatory pension insurance - a guarantee of a secure old age

mandatory pension insurance applies to all categories of citizens residing in the territory of Russia.Every working person in the Russian Federation there is an individual's personal account, where the employer is obliged to transfer the premiums, which in the future and will form the basis of the retirement pension.In addition to the insurance part, there is also nakopitelnaya part of the pension, the management of which is transferred to the State of the management company, the principal organ which today is Vnesheconombank.Pension fund transfers funds to it, if a citizen does not chose a different, non-state, the Management Company.

pension insurance system in Russia exists in two forms: a mandatory pension insurance and additional.The first type of insurance provided by the state and consists of a variety of legal measures to ensure compensation to the insured persons in the event of loss of earnings, when it is the insurance point, that is, it's time to retire, or for one reason or another person to be awarded disability or a loss of a breadwinner.

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Mandatory pension insurance - a multilateral process, which involved three parties equally.His exercise insurers who act in the name of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as private pension funds.It also participating policyholders who pay cash rewards.These include companies and enterprises as well as individual entrepreneurs and other persons listed by the existing legislation.Finally, the mandatory pension insurance is impossible without the insured persons themselves, that is, citizens of the Russian Federation.

Pension reform in Russia continues.Its essence lies in the fact that every working man born no earlier than 1968, can already afford to save money for old age.And going even quite burdensome and unnoticed because the funded part of the pension is held only 6% of earnings.Still, pension savings insurance remains one of the hottest topics discussed in society.This is due to the fact that the pension insurance system in the Russian Federation allows a person with the expression of the desire to increase the amount of money transferred to the funded part of the pension.This makes it possible to obtain a rather impressive amount of rent in the future.It turns out that it is the pension contributions and are a reliable way to save money savings.And the money withdrawal in no way to be, even if the account holder for any reason will be closed.

insurance pension savings - a special article in the financial performance of banks.Insurance covers a wide range of cases stipulated by legislation.These include, for example, include the possible disruption of investments in connection with the loss of a job or the advent of temporary disability.In this case, the insurance company takes the reins in his hand and pays contribution.Thus, no interruption in the process of formation of deposits does not occur.The same situation applies in the event of a bank failure.Contributions to the mandatory return within the specified period, even if the financial enterprise is ruined.

All the above points are designed to solve the problem of providing citizens with a decent pension.We all know how ridiculous the amount that pensioners receive some.Today's generation is hoped that the pension reform will allow them to lead a decent life in old age.