The policy of compulsory medical insurance - the right to free medical care

Among the mandatory documents, which are issued by a person from the moment of his birth, a special place is occupied by a policy of compulsory medical insurance.It gives the right to every citizen of the Russian Federation to receive free medical assistance when this becomes necessary.MHI policy issued to an employer working citizens, who signed the contract on the transfer of funds to the insurer.The same person who, for one reason or another do not work, have the right to medical insurance of the insurance organization.

policy of compulsory medical insurance in force without limitation in all territory of the Russian Federation for the period for which the contract is concluded.If the owner of the policy OMC seek medical care in another village, but not where he lives, this fact does not change.You have to know that the Russian Federation has the appropriate arrangements with other foreign states on the right of Russian citizens to obtain free medical care to stay in their territory.His obligation to take and to give him medical care, of course, provided that the document is also proving his identity.Lost policy restored.At dismissal or change of residence policy surrenders and re-issued a contract to receive it at a new Meta stay.

Obtaining medical insurance policy - a simple question, and possible both for Russian citizens and foreigners.It is only necessary to observe certain formalities and wait until the document is ready for extradition THIF - territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance.

In order to get a policy of compulsory health insurance should contact a medical facility, usually in a clinic, at the place of residence.To do this, you need to show your passport, certifying that the actual residence in the territory.Children under 14 years get MHI policy on the basis of a birth certificate and confirmation of registration is one of the parents or guardians.If a person resides in the territory temporarily, you will need a certificate of provisional registration.A citizen of another country must have a residence permit.

Get a policy of compulsory health insurance, by filling in a special contract that exists, as has been said above, in two versions: for workers and for the unemployed.It issued a document regional health insurance funds.Dates should be minimal and not exceed 5 days from the date of application.If at the health center, the patient, for whatever reason, can not show the medical policy, while medical care is provided by the insurer to confirm the actual facts of insurance.

policy of compulsory medical insurance is attached to certain out-patient department at the place of residence of a citizen.This presented itself MHI policy and passport.Pregnant women are attached to the women's clinic or to the maternity hospital.In addition to the above documents in this case it is necessary to have also medical documents testifying to the presence of pregnancy.Children are attached to the establishment of children's consultations in the presence of the child's birth certificate and passport of one of the parents where there is a print of the actual registration.Reception medical institution shall stamp on the policy of CHI, the date of the actual attachment.

When you move to a new residence policy of compulsory medical insurance detaches and stamping procedure is repeated.