Gestures and human values.

According to studies, only a tenth of the information people convey in words.The remainder is in the gestures, facial expressions and intonation.For the first intuitive "scan" a man must be about 10 seconds.People do not always say what they think, but the body can not lie.Hidden feelings find a way through gestures.Psychology of non-verbal communication is very broad and multifaceted.Learn to understand human gestures and their meanings, to know the truth will be much easier.

Classification gestures

When increasing the emotional background of the person, it ceases to take care of their body.But when trying to unravel the thoughts of others must be considered, and situational factors that judgment was correct.For example, if a person crosses his arms over his chest in a severe frost, it can only mean that he is cold, not invisibility and isolation.

Gestures person is divided into types:

- common;

- emotional;

- ritual;

- individual.

hand movements

studying human gestures and their meanings, special attention should be paid to arms.It is their movements make up a large part of the communication.Many of them have become so familiar and commonplace that they no longer notice it.Even simple gestures on closer inspection may be entertaining.


When one person greets another, manner to shake hands can say a lot.The power people give her palm down.When there is respect, hand fed rib down.If a person is different agreeableness and is able to find a compromise, he holds her hand up.Morally weak people shake hands shaky and very weak, and aggressive, on the contrary - is very much at the time of their arm fully extended and strained.

Open and closed gestures

Thinking about how to understand human gestures, you must know that they are open and closed.By first understanding the movements, when a man throws his hands in the direction of the palm or shows.They show that it is ready to open for contact and communication.

to the closure of the gestures are those that help a person to build a psychological barrier.The body can be closed not only arms, but also other objects.Such manipulations suggest that people do not trust the other person and not ready to be opened in front of him.It can be linked "in lock" fingers and crossed arms.

studying human gestures and their meanings, experts have come to the conclusion that the people who put her hand on his hand and interlock hands behind his back, feeling his superiority over others and have a high opinion of himself.Aggression may indicate hand, laid it in his pocket, when it was the thumb outside.

Touching face

If during a conversation the interlocutor is constantly touching the face, ears and neck - it should be alerted.Most likely, he's lying.Arm movements around the mouth may indicate that a person lacks the support and approval.But it is necessary to take into account external factors may spokesman scratching his eyes and touched his nose due to colds or allergies.

People who are passionate about something, often propped cheek.If a man scratching his chin, then he is in the process of making some important decisions.


to find common ground, it is important to know, as evidenced by facial expressions and gestures of man.Psychology of nonverbal communication - the key to success.Many of the movements are carried out at a subconscious level, so they are almost impossible to control.

When a person feels sympathy for the other party and is ready to go with him on contact, he usually leans toward him.If it sits, the housing can be fed forward, but the legs at the same time remain in place.Leaning to one side, it shows a friendly attitude.When the companion leans back, maybe he was bored with the conversation, and he lost interest in him.

personal boundaries

What you need to know how to read human gestures?In humans, there are certain rules regarding their personal territory and space.A man who loves to break them and invade other people's borders, loves to exercise power and to show off in public.Confident people often take a little more space: they pull the legs, a convenient hands.Bound man tries to take the fetal position.

Not everyone is willing to let the interlocutor in their personal space.If a person is internally tense, crosses his arms and moves back, so he is not ready to close contact.

If a person is far ...

man who gets away from the source, it seems arrogant.But in fact he was just afraid to get close to others.It can irritate the appearance or the topic of conversation, and he wants to quickly stop communicating.Often, people who are used to distance itself in the soul feel fear.

Copy movements

Wanting to understand how to understand human gestures, you should pay attention, he does not copy other people's movements.When the source mimics, it shows that they love and are positive.


Such movements, as well as relevant human gestures and facial expressions speak of inner restlessness or impatience.In moments of excitement adults may sway from heel to toe, to calm down a little.But the behavior of the other party is unlikely to enjoy: it distracts and confuses the speaker, preventing him from concentrating.


When people get nervous, their body can give a lot of information.Fidgeting says about the internal state is not less than the facial expressions and gestures.When a person feels insecure, he performs the various movements, such as wringing his hands or squirms in his chair.It helps him to escape from an unpleasant situation.

If the source is constantly pulls the tie, maybe he lied or just want to leave the community in which the.

tilted her head to one side

Bowed head - a sign that the other person interested in the conversation, he is willing to listen to and is interested in its continuation.Such gestures of humans and their values ​​are unambiguous and say that he is completely focused on the perception of information.

nodding his head and sharp movements

Psychologists have long noticed that if a person does not like what he hears, he unknowingly makes a sudden movement of the head in the opposite direction from the speaker.Thus, it creates a barrier between a source of discomfort.

People who consistently nod in response to the speech of the interlocutor, accustomed to please everyone.They really want to please everyone and get the approval of others.Typically, these people are not confident in themselves and are afraid of being rejected.

If a man shakes his head from side to side, as he expressed disagreement with the internal speaker.

descent and raise his head

person who carries on a conversation with the head down low - a modest and uncertain, it suffers from low self-esteem.Perhaps, at the moment he is going through a deep depression or unhappy.

raise his head and his chin - a sign of aggression and hostility.Perhaps one feels the impending threat and is ready to go to any extreme to protect themselves.

If the source is constantly throws his head back, this may indicate contempt or arrogance.


This movement is not important only in the case when a person is sick with something.In other situations, it is an indication that the other person feels uncomfortable or insecure.It is much easier to find contact with others if you know the meaning of facial expressions and gestures of man.Psychology nonverbal communication will help to resolve the situation without bringing it to the conflict.Sometimes people can scratch the back of his head, if they do not like something.At the time the other party offered an alternative option would be to avoid controversy and criticism.

Often, a person scratches himself, if you do not understand the question.Reword and explaining in more detail what is required of him, you give him time to prepare a response.

Movement shoulders

Such gestures can indicate that a person indifferent to what is happening, or he's lying.This can also be regarded as a lack of confidence in spoken words.During untrue story people shrug their shoulders very quickly.This distortion helps them to get together and look calm and collected.Raised shoulders - a sign of insecurity.

flirting gestures

When a man wants to attract the attention of the opposite sex, he touches the hair or clothes corrects.Sometimes there is heightened gestures and emotions.Women can wind the lock of hair on his finger or correct makeup.Men when dealing with a lady who makes them sympathy, want to appear strong and confident.They put their hands on the belt, or lay them in pockets, belt play, drawing attention.

Camouflaged gestures

They help a person to achieve the desired level of peace and security.Instead of directly crossing arms used a variety of items: cuff links, bracelets or a watch strap.But the result of these manipulations is always the same: one arm is across the body, thus creating protection.This indicates nervousness.

Hanging hands

for full communion is very important to understand the meaning of human gestures.If, during a conversation with one hand in his chaotic hanging, drawing any lines or describes circles, it may indicate that the source lies.

If a person wants to express criticism or unhappy with what is happening, it often takes such a position, one hand props chin and the index finger straightened.The other hand can support the elbow.If together with the omitted one or two eyebrows, inside the man obviously did not approve of the interlocutor.

Rubbing neck

When a man during intercourse is rubbing his ear or neck, most likely, he does not fully understand what is required of him.His assurances that he is clear - deception.Of course, if such actions are not caused by yesterday's draft and pain.

mouth covered with a hand

Sign language gives a person what is currently happening inside, and bares all emotions.The interviewer may be silent, but if something does not agree, it will cover her mouth involuntarily.To remedy the situation in time, it is necessary to analyze what words have caused such a reaction.Then distrust will not go to the next stage and transformed into hostility.

gestures lie

Most often people lie, trying to cover her mouth.This gesture comes from childhood.So do children who accidentally given someone else a secret or tell a lie.

During lies people feel uncomfortable and afraid of being exposed, so nervous.When people try to pull myself together, they are scratching the tip of the nose.It may be fleeting involuntary movement.

Friction century may also indicate that the person speaks the truth.Where fraud is quite serious, a person can avert their eyes in the direction or lower down, stroking the neck or ears.But all these signs should be considered in the complex.

Helpful hints

  • People who want to emphasize their steadfast position, can make a solid hand gestures to emphasize the transition from one topic to another.Demonstrates the gestures of people photos.

  • If the situation much tense, you should use hand movements to defuse a little of it.Serious phrase can be illustrated funny gestures.It's a little cheer the audience and charge the atmosphere positive.
  • should not become a clown and make ridiculous movements.Gestures and facial expressions a person should draw attention to the main conversation, rather than detract from it.In addition, they must be clear to all those present.