What makes a person special?

Some people consider themselves to be completely different from others, special and unique.Someone, on the contrary, does not see any difference from the others and identify with the "gray mass."Is every human being is unique?What makes a person special?

What is personality?

In psychology, the term "identity" is defined as a set of properties of character and other features that distinguish one person from another.It manifests itself in different temperaments of people, appearance, demeanor, dress style, interests and hobbies, desires, needs, physical and mental abilities.

Everyone is special not only because of the presence or absence of one of these qualities, but also due to the different options for their combination.For example, people often have nothing in common with each other, except temperament, and two people with different interests can absolutely be of the same nature.

Does every person is special?

You can often hear the phrase, that all men, women, and indeed all people are the same.How true this statement?Some people think that special person can be considered only in those cases where it has made any incredible success, has reached unprecedented heights and has a phenomenal ability.From this perspective, the "ordinary" people does not differ from each other, and prominent figures in the world of unity.

In fact, everyone is special in their own way.Even very similar to the character of the people will not be completely identical.Their perception of reality, the attitude to certain things, dreams and desires are always different.If a person does not seek to openly express their individuality, it does not mean that it does not exist at all.The inner world of each of us as unique and unrepeatable, that among the billions of people in the world is impossible to find two identical people.

What makes you a special person?

As you know, the person becomes a person only in the process of education and the influence of society.At birth, the baby has a personality only in terms of appearance, physical and biochemical properties of the organism.In the process of forming the character and temperament.This expands the boundaries of individuality.Man becomes increasingly different from the rest, it acquires a peculiar only features.

character and temperament - it's not all that makes you a special person.Adults tend to have formed social and moral values, occupy a certain social position, have expressed their views on various issues.Socially-psychological properties of a person is the highest level of individualization.Thus, a special person to do absolutely all the qualities inherent in it, from the appearance and ending with his views on any particular issue.

Does a person's appearance special?

When a child is born, his character, life principles and views have not yet formed.Only at this point that distinguishes it from the others - this external data.Even babies born just did not like each other.

In adult life, the appearance is also what makes you special.People differ in eye color, hair length, hair, figure.Getting acquainted with a man, we first look at his appearance and appreciate it.Attire and demeanor in society complement our appearance and make it your personality.Even very similar people will never be completely identical.

problem of individuality in twins

If ordinary people to realize their individuality is not so difficult, that children born in a pair with a brother or sister, really face the challenge of understanding of their features.From early childhood, they are constantly confused, equally dressed, many parents also make the fatal mistake, seeing their children as a whole.

Growing up, twins often do not imagine their life without a brother or sister.At the same time it is difficult to identify its positive and negative qualities, in order to understand whether they really something different from his twin.If one of the pair is making great strides, the second depressed, considers himself a loser, he does not realize that you can achieve something in a completely different field.

To avoid this situation, the parents of twins have a child to emphasize the differences between them.Well, if everyone will have their own room.When children grow up, not to let the fact that they want to dress differently or do different hairstyles.In some situations, the twins should be separated, for example, went to study in different classes, or even imprisoned for various parties.It is necessary that each learned to exist in a world of its own, was able to find friends and to realize themselves as individuals.

fear to be special

Some people think that special person trying to express all their qualities, and very different from the others, certainly is making itself a lot of problems.For example, in the working team, where nothing has changed over the years, creative newcomer who wants to show their creativity and implement original ideas, it is unlikely to gain the approval.People tend to perceive the negative of those who do not like the others who violate the habitual way of life.

For this reason, many people are quenched with a personality trying to merge with the bulk of the people and not "bulge".Usually, when people can not express themselves, he feels overwhelmed and dissatisfaction with life.Perhaps, we should not pretend to be someone you are not?Shift work, the range of your communication.In another place, your ideas can appreciate, and you do not have to hide that you are a special person.

desire to stand out from the crowd - that's what makes you a special person?

Many people do not want to be like the others.In all possible ways they try to emphasize their individuality.To do this, some people put on a ridiculous clothes, get tattoos, piercings, applied to the face causing makeup, strange behavior in public places.Very often a manifestation of personality is puzzling and aggression on the part of others.

really unusual appearance - this is what makes you a special person?The answer one gives to himself.Someone thinks that in this way express their individuality only to those who can not express themselves differently, and for some it's an opportunity to present themselves and to prove that he is not like the others.

How to express their individuality in everyday life

People who do not dress provocatively, do not attract universal attention to their appearance, however, also want to feel special.How does daily life can manifest itself?

In fact, everyone in something unique.To look for other features not necessarily make a shocking thing.Just be yourself, do not hide or obscure its distinctive features.What makes you a special person, be sure to be noticed by others.