Excellent Australian home near the ocean

Amazing house located in the Australian city of Clovelly.The plot on which it was built, on the one hand affects the stunning panoramic views, on the other hand, it is extremely rocky.The house is situated just on boulders.

Experts from the architectural company «Rolf Ockert Design» offered an amazing design of the house, which is built on a boulder.But such an arrangement makes it possible to admire the wonderful views of the ocean.Since the ocean can be seen only from the southern windows, and the sun shines from the north, the team had to look for opportunities to get the maximum advantage out of the situation.As a result, they decided to build a house around a free area in the center and provided a series of skylights on the roof, overlooking the north.

It was not the only problem encountered by the architects on the site.The house is located on the ocean, so the roof can not be too high so as not to block the view of the neighbors.This fact dictated by the unusual shape of the roof.And maximum sunlight gets into the house, and neighbors can enjoy the ocean.

On site, around which the house was built, equipped with stylish, but durable ladder.This site helps and additional ventilation at home and reduces the need for artificial lighting.Here is a small garden in the Japanese style.

Lounge is located on the first floor and is connected to the garden and swimming pool.Here on the south side is a room, studio and library.Bedrooms are on the second floor, which allows to admire the amazing views of the ocean right out of bed.The master bedroom is decorated in neutral colors.Panoramic views created an easy relaxing atmosphere.Stunning chandeliers always attract attention.

As southerly winds are strong even on a calm day, the architects do not have windows that open on the side facing south.Instead, they offer a huge glass wall from floor to ceiling.Choosing the material for the house, the architects had to take into account the peculiarities of climate and the color palette of the surrounding landscape.During the construction of the cement used to cover the ceiling in the living room, galvanized iron roof, and a lot of glass.Glass steel handrails even on the terraces, not to block the view of the ocean.

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