How to choose a wireless headphones for television?

Wireless Headphones for TV - a high level of comfort, sound and quality.With this gadget you will not disturb anyone, and you will not be distracted talking about.Due to the fact that such a device has no cord can be spaced from the TV 5-100 meters, depending on the model and its characteristics.It is worth noting that the market can meet a variety of devices with external design and sound quality.The bulk - it is ergonomic models that are made of metal and plastic, have an adjustable headband.

principle signal

used for signal transmission Bluetooth-technology, infrared or radio link.Infrared and radio can transmit signals over long distances, but are subject to interference.Home is the best one for Bluetooth, which is not afraid of any obstacles and various types of interference.To connect the device, you need a special adapter (CSART-RCA), or normal jack (RCA).Choosing a wireless headphones for the TV in the first place it is necessary to explore their sound settings that will provide surround s

ound and deep.For this maximum resistance of the device must be less than 32 ohms, with a wide range of frequencies is required, as well as the correct ratio of the noise and signal.Pick up models that have audio adjustment on the ground that it was not necessary to constantly change the sound level on the TV.

headphone structure

Since this gadget is a wire, it includes only:

  • Cups - the main part, which sets all the electronics that provides maximum sound quality and normal operation of the device.
  • ear pads - special pad adjacent to the cups.However, they are covering (best option) or overhead (around the ears).For their production is mainly used leather, plain velvet and foam.
  • Bow - a special design that is worn directly on the head and unites the cup.It should be noted that the design of the bow can be extensible, customizable or cast.Better to choose the model of durable material with a simple construction.

Bow, power supply and wireless technologies

Today you can buy devices from different manufacturers, such as wireless headphones for the TV LG removable cord, which if necessary can be replaced at any time.In addition, there are headphones that do not have to bow his head, but instead is equipped with a small bow, which put on the ears.But it's all a matter of taste and comfort.Operate Wireless Headphones from power sources that are embedded in their body.The duration of these batteries can be from several hours to several days.This indicator is also dependent upon the manufacturer and battery power.The signal is transmitted to a special database, which can be represented as a portable module (connected via USB-port or analog sources) or a stationary docking station (which connects to the line input).Before connecting, such as wireless headphones for the TV "Samsung", you must make sure that the TV has the correct slot.But even if it does not, do not worry - you can always buy an adapter separately.After this headphone can be used.

channels and range

headphones without wires - a modern technology, which are equipped with the latest technology.Wireless headphones for the TV channels may be 1-27.The number of channels can be a very positive impact on the operation of the device - the more of them the better.So you can choose the "operating frequency" without any problems.For example, on a particular channel has unpleasant noise then you can always switch to another.Furthermore, the more the operating frequency, the greater the ability to pass high obstacles including walls.If the device will not be used indoors or in the next room, then the minimum frequency of the transmitter should be at least 800 MHz.As already mentioned, wireless headphones for the TV have a large radius of action, which can range from 5 to 100 meters, but it's mostly just to listen to music.Naturally, it is provided with special equipment, which is divided into several classes: 1-10 meters (for use within the room);10-30 meters (to move around the apartment);80-100 meters (for use outside of the apartment).

Latest technology

It is worth noting that such electronic gadgets is not only expensive, but also heavier than the standard models.This is due to the installation in which additional electronic devices and a battery or batteries.Virtually all models necessarily have a volume control, which is very convenient.For example, you are listening to music, and the source signal is in the other room, bag and so on.In addition, wireless headphones connected to the TV is very easy.A special unit, which transmits signals to the headphones, has the appropriate connectors, which means you can enjoy watching TV or your music to the full.Just do not forget to charge the batteries, and better stock option package or select models that work as long as possible between charges.