How to tie a belt kimono (karate): tips and tricks

If you or your child has decided to do karate, then at the first session before you raise the question of how to properly tie a belt kimono.By the way, by how well fastened belt karate, judged on his professionalism and skill.So, before you start teaching and training, and the need to learn this important cause.

Where to start?

Post, of course, should be to purchase a kimono and proper belt.The length of the kimono belt should be three meters.And then - just to get acquainted with brief instructions and to follow it with the dressing.

Howto tying belt

  • Please take the belt with both hands in front of him so that the median part located at the abdomen.
  • followed by wrap a belt around his waist, crossed his waist from behind and then return ends in front of him.There is a small caveat: it is desirable that the left end zone was a little shorter than the right.This will make the process of setting much easier, and the final assembly will be accurate and correct form.
  • The next step is to the left end of the cross on the right and pry it from the bottom up in a loop so that all tours were captured winding belt.
  • How to tie a belt kimono (karate) next?It is necessary to bend the lower end thereof, is now located on the right, right on top of the left tip, twist them together.Tying a nice flat knot should tighten both ends simultaneously.

final, but necessary step of tying belt

To know how to tie a belt kimono (karate) in accordance with the instructions of specialists have to perform another requirement.Maybe it was purely aesthetic burden, but it is still necessary.In order to complete the process of setting belt on a kimono it remains very little: take outstretched arms at both ends and make sure they have the same length.If you have everything worked out, it means that the lesson learned and now do not be ashamed to go to the gym.Yes, and the knot, knit such a cunning way, had not arbitrarily unleash - everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Incidentally, karatekas this particular moment is the achievement of harmony between body and spirit.So if the first time you did not have learned how to tie a belt kimono (karate) - it does not matter, try again and again.It is not so easy to harmonize body and spirit!

And how to tie traditional national kimono belt?

How to tie a belt kimono (karate), you have already read.But there is still a traditional Japanese outfit that belts special accessory - the obi.Kimono in this country since the 19th century is considered to be the national costume for men and women, supported and decorate a special belt.And the most luxurious kimono clothing are Japanese geishas.

Obi are made of cloth, and it reaches a length of five meters!Knotted top kimono in a special way, but much lighter than the belt in karate.To cope with the task, you need the following.

Firstly, it is necessary to make the ends of the back and cross there.The end, which is in the right hand, should cross under the right tip and pull up.Second, the end of which is clamped in the left hand, it is necessary to push through a loop down and then through the second loop formed to reach the right end.

Both ends need to tighten them to become ravnodlinnymi.Done!Incidentally, the knot on obi, which is more like a bow, is tied at the back and can have a very different shape, so that shakes on as you like.

Well, just a few steps, and you can consider yourself introduction to Japanese culture.At least a little bit!