Tiger and Monkey - Compatibility.

build a relationship between two people in the world today is not easy.To do this, sometimes you have to go to great lengths.Everyone wants to know more about his chosen one, or just a friend.To do this, it will be useful to read the description of his character on a horoscope.Very often, this information helps to avoid a lot of embarrassment.A striking example may be the Tiger and Monkey.Compatibility of these people depends on circumstances.Their joint life and work can be incredibly successful.As well as vice versa.Much depends on their own will and desire to be together.

Character Tiger

born in the Year of the beast people have strong character and indomitable will.They are ambitious and if you want to quickly achieve success in their careers.They have well-developed intuition and well versed in humans.Thanks to its organizational abilities Tigers bring people together and create a cohesive team that can do the work of any complexity.Yielding to their natural charisma, they unquestioningly obey.Monkey and the Tiger in this case is a beautiful duet.Tigers are very patient.They can be easy on other people's mistakes and give plenty of chances to correct them.But do not go against their will.In this case, they become irritated, cold and closed.

Tigers in his personal life

Tiger and Monkey (Compatibility depends on their moods and desires) are quite similar in nature.Outside the Tiger can be deceiving.They are generous, good-natured and endless fun.But only until such time as someone tries to drive them into the framework.In this case, Tiger shows its bestial character.It all conceivable ways to avoid the restrictions set out and be sure to come up with a way to take revenge on the offender.At heart, the Tigers are sensitive and vulnerable, but the surrounding never even know.Representatives of this sign - passionate and temperamental nature.They love adventure, including romantic.They can be a lot of partners.However, almost all of them quickly left in search of the best.If Tiger has decided to start a family, the nature of it changes dramatically.Marriage is very important for him.He builds strong relationships and faithful spouse.Tigers caring and loving.They're in awe and affection belong to his handpicked successor and children.

Character Monkey

Tiger and Monkey are very similar.They are intelligent and discerning.However, there are differences.Monkeys are very inquisitive.They like to know everything about everything.Monkeys are pleased to learn and achieve in this tremendous success.They are impulsive and hot-tempered.Monkey - great actors.Any conflict, they can turn into a real drama.Monkeys are clever and resourceful.They are easy to get out of any situation.These people are good to others, but they have the lion's share of selfishness.They often envy those who have achieved more in life.The monkeys rarely build a successful career without help.By using various tricks they arrange things so that most of the work carried out for them by someone else.Monkeys love when they are cared for and admired.This makes their lives brighter and happier.Family relationship with them is not easy to build.Monkey likes to do things his own way and forces others to do what you need it to.Not all is well tolerated.

Compatibility: Tiger woman - man Monkey

If these two are not married and do not have love relationships, their union will be successful.Their leadership qualities and the ability to punch help them cope with any business and achieve all that they might have wished.These people are talented and creative.Together, they are capable of great things.

Despite the many positive qualities, it is difficult to reach agreement on love and marriage.They are both leaders and tend to command his half.Female Tiger attracted extraordinary nature of men monkeys.In turn, the man likes a sharp wit and charm of the Tiger.This woman has a pair of great intellectual abilities.It may even scoff at the absurd antics of monkeys, knowing in advance all of its tricks.Monkey Man chooses a mate only for love.However, his fiancee must have strong character and be able to take care of him.

development of relations

Monkey and Tiger compatibility that can not be called perfect, do not get bored with.They never get anything good without careful attention to the partner.If they are out of habit every pull the blanket over himself, a couple of them quickly disintegrate.Tiger woman should show all his patience and try to send irrepressible energy of the Monkey in the right direction.The man in this pair also should not rely solely on his companion.He is more likely to listen to her wishes, and learn how to find a solution acceptable to both.They will be together very hard, especially the first time.In addition, male monkey to forget that there are a lot of beautiful women.Tiger will not tolerate betrayal and break all ties to learn about it.They should go out more often.They both love to be the center of attention - and with friends of their needs will be met.The intimate life of this pair will be bright and unforgettable.They will often surprise each other, which has a positive impact on the relationship.One can hardly find a more passionate couple than Tiger and Monkey.Compatibility of their marriage depends on how much they have learned to get along with each other, to respect the habits and preferences of the partner.If before marriage, they were able to smooth things over and reach an agreement, they will be very happy couple.

male tiger, female monkey - Compatibility

Those two will be difficult to build a career together.The man is serious, as a woman wants entertainment.It is frivolous and is not set to solve any problems and questions.Female monkeys do not like to work, and often shifts most of its responsibilities to other people's shoulders.Her partner will not long tolerate this.Male Tiger quickly disappointed in her and go their own way.


Provided that both will be lenient to the other, their friendship is possible.They will be fun to spend time together.Female Monkey brings to life the fun Tiger that he will appreciate.However, such a relationship is likely to develop into a whirlwind romance.


male tiger and a female monkey attracted like magnets.Their relationship is based on passion.They develop quickly and just as quickly can result.They both love the freedom and strive to achieve it in a relationship.However, they have different views on life.Man seeks to maintain relationships and demonstrates a willingness to do so.The woman, on the contrary, only cares about himself.Despite the different interests, they like to spend time together.Those two should be avoided at all costs disputes and conflicts.A woman should allow Tiger to be a leader.In response, it will make her happy.Otherwise, their relationship can turn into a constant struggle.

Tiger and Monkey, the compatibility of which is far from perfect, able to create a strong family.To do this, they should discuss and establish some rules.Monkey should not tease your partner, and he must often compromise.Her sense of humor will help avoid many unpleasant situations.They need to cooperate and often talk with each other, express their thoughts and solve problems together.The only way they can strengthen their marriage and live a long and happy life together.