Manicure turquoise: options photo

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Aqua is very fashionable in the summer season of 2015, so the turquoise manicure, photos are presented in this article will also be at the peak of urgency.Along with all shades of mint, blue and blue, it looks stylish, bright and very refreshing.

Why turquoise nail polish so advantageous to look at the nails in the summer?The answer is obvious.First, the summer skin tans under the hot sun, and therefore, pens and fingers are darker and have a golden hue that is perfectly combined with bluish tones, shades them and creates the right contrast.Sunburn makes the color of nail polish brighter and more juicy.Secondly, in itself has a rich turquoise color texture, it attracts attention even from a distance, looks at while gently and elegantly.In summer you can afford to wear the nails bright colors, combine them with unusual patterns and ornaments.It is not necessary to cover the nail plate and plain varnish, the more the fashion today advises not to follow common standards and stand out from the crowd, to show their individuality and originality, but exercise restraint and taste.Add to manicure turquoise - excellent for this method.

course, wearing a manicure can not only in summer but also at any other time of the year.In winter manicure with turquoise lacquer cold tone is ideally suited to the icy coolness of the snow season.In the fall of dull routine dilute with bright colors and a clean spring mood for a romantic mood and remind freshness awakening from hibernation nature.The correct shade of a manicure turquoise appropriate in any situation, with any outfit, in any light.

So, what trends exist today in manicure?

Manicure on Feng Shui

name of this rather arbitrary fashion manicure.Among fashionistas there was a legend that by highlighting certain marigolds among others, can bring good luck, love and prosperity.Of course, this is a myth, but the idea was so impressed lover manicure, now a single color coating marigolds meet virtually impossible.Manicure feng shui has become a classic.The feature of its design is that the middle and ring fingers or ring and little finger should be painted a color different from the color of other nails.They can also have a completely different design.

example, can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, sequins, have a drawing or shaded well.

Nail design depends on the imagination of the master and the wishes of the client.Fashionable turquoise nail polish on feng shui can combine several shades of colors, so you can simulate the effect of the gradient.

French manicure

Another absolute classic in design of nails - French manicure.At least once in his life every girl wore.This is an analog-style make-up nude, or "invisible makeup."That is a manicure, which is not alleged, but really nails look well-groomed and elegant.In the classic version of the nail plate is covered with a transparent or light-beige lacquer (so-called camouflage), and the tip of a fingernail - white.Such a manicure like a business woman, as looks flashy and neat and meets the business style.

today gained immense popularity colored jacket, so the turquoise in this case looks quite appropriate.A color can be the entire nail plate or only the tip.French manicure turquoise (pictured below) is successfully combined with contrasting white, flesh or pinkish tinge.


Manicure Manicure in ethnic style turquoise color - a necessary component.The contour of the patterns are usually drawn in black or white.It is therefore necessary to present the design soft pastel shades, but bright enough, the colors are not lost.Besides turquoise is of natural origin - the sky, the water, semi-precious stones, and therefore fits perfectly into the theme manicure.Other colors that perfectly "collect" a manicure: turquoise, beige, pink or orange.Wizards recommended to draw ethnic patterns on some nails, the rest to cover the monotonous varnish.

Figures on nails

Figures on nails can be created in several ways: manually, using special brushes and instruments, as well as using templates.Very popular today manicure with stempingom.This imprinting patterns on nails by using special dies on which patterns are applied.On the stamp is applied lacquer which is then pressed against the nail, leaving pattern on the plate.Especially beautiful it looks in turquoise colors.Quite simply it has done a manicure.Turquoise perfectly complement the white figures.Also nails can create a whole picture, using a slider or special stickers that cover the entire nail completely.They are there ready-made picture that only need to fix the special glue and transparent varnish.Topping the sliders all the nails is not recommended, it is better to limit ourselves to a few fingers.It looks very original this manicure.Turquoise nail polish will add brightness and freshness.

moon manicure manicure Moon

became an instant classic after the French.Although today in one design can combine both techniques.Moon manicure famous because of the lower part of the nail plate is painted a certain varnish, while the rest is covered by the nail a different color.At the same time the most ardent ladies prefer tandem French manicure and lunar.That is, the varnish as the lunula, and the tips of the nails.However, in this case it is important to have a certain length of nails, or nail polish will not look stylish and harmonious.French


The classic French manicure is painted only the upper surface of the nail, in the moonlight - lunula.The design of the manicure, a reverse French, also painted over the lower part of the nail.However, the technique is slightly different than the moon.This manicure looks like a nail varnished two: first completely one color, then a contrast - only in the middle.Thus, a "smile", as in the design of the French manicure, but it is located on the opposite side.