Strategic planning

Strategic planning - is a set of special measures aimed at developing specific strategies.The system consists of four strategic planning activities for management decisions.This distribution of resources, adapting them to the environment, coordination of their interaction with each other and strategic foresight.The strategic planning process will address many operational issues, such as the choice of customers and markets, external components, and production of new products, the need for additional resources (financial, human and technical).

And it should be noted that the competitiveness of any industry, any company depends precisely on him.It is important that strategic planning allows you to recreate a single-piece mechanism working on the achievement of specific plans, sufficient to show all the possible potential of the company and its team.The benefits of its implementation are obvious.Strategic planning provides a rigorous concentration on critical parameters to minimize future risks, improves all the measures on the use of existing enterprise resources, set priorities, reduce the negative impact of the outstanding problems in the overall process.

The absence of strategic planning leads to a loss of competitiveness of the enterprise as a whole, it leads to crisis management, where the motion becomes chaotic in a lot of different directions, and is strongly influenced from the outside.

The most difficult is the strategic financial planning.Time and money are always limited and, therefore, financial planning (distribution of money by sector) must be based on the principles of strategic urgency and importance.

Strategic Marketing Planning has its functional structure, which includes areas such as production planning, its implementation, promotion and price formation.So, for example, planning a product launch necessarily involves setting individual priorities, allocation of responsibility centers, financial support for the promotion of products and training staff.This logical chain of successive actions on the selection of activities and on the formulation of the planned objectives, the choice of strategies and the implementation of measures to achieve them for a strictly limited period of time.The marketing plan includes a variety of approaches and strategies of income (profit) is an intensive strategy, slow, fast and passive.

intensive strategy is used when the wide range of customers goods are not familiar and its promotion require significant resources.At the same time buyers who have already tried the quality of goods, are willing to pay for it at a higher price.

Slow strategy used to profit if the market size is small and there is practically no competition.This product is familiar to most potential buyers, and they are willing to buy it at an inflated price.

Fast strategy is used when the size of the market is large enough, the high competition in the market, the product is little known to the buyer, and with the growth of production volumes reduced the price of the product.

passive strategy is used when market competition is low and the market itself has a large volume, goods are well known and inexpensive.

Strategic planning in general - is the choice of business area, a detailed analysis of existing opportunities and external risks, internal analysis of strong and weak areas, the formation of a strategy, its development, support, monitoring and implementation.