Reasons triggering diffuse hair loss, and their solutions

Excessive hair loss is now one of the most important cosmetic problem, not only for women.And not many cosmetic products with the words "hair loss" can really change the existing picture.It actually causes trigger hair loss, quite multifaceted and numerous.

Causes of hair loss

Usually, diffuse hair loss (or easier - even strong hair loss observed over the head) is the result of relatively strong disturbances in the coordinated work of the whole organism.And common causes are:

  • or frequent stressful situations or short-term, but strong stresses;
  • heredity, being particularly pronounced is the female hereditary;
  • radiotherapy;
  • cancer, severe and chronic diseases;
  • smoking.

In addition, the active diffuse hair loss in women can be triggered and other, though no less important, factors such as:

  • chronic vitamin deficiency;
  • prolonged exposure to adverse climatic factors (eg, sub-zero temperatures or the scorching sun);
  • chemical attack (Poor quality hair dye, himzavivki frequent use of the dryer without protective equipment, etc.);
  • pregnancy and delivery process;
  • menopause.

and diffuse hair loss may be a non-hormonal etiology as a result of prolonged use of certain drugs, such as antipsychotics, cytotoxic drugs, anticonvulsants, large doses of vitamin A.

Hair Restoration

matter how strong thediffuse hair loss treatment must begin the process only after consultations and establish its causes have trihologa.After the restoration of hair - quite a long process that requires a holistic approach, patience and regularity of the necessary procedures.

today are several methods of hair restoration, namely:

  • medical (taking certain vitamin complexes);
  • hardware (ozone therapy, mesotherapy, darsonval);
  • home (the use of special cosmetics and household masks prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers).

And as soon as it was found diffuse hair loss, you must immediately begin to take steps aimed at:

  • hair follicle nutrition and metabolism in general;
  • activation of the so-called "dormant" follicles;
  • improvement of microcirculation of hair;
  • eliminate dryness of the scalp.

And do not forget that the diffuse hair loss - it only display the internal problems in the body that occur for some time.This means that, firstly, the need to put in order and take care of the body as a whole, and secondly, to restore the previous condition of the hair, it will take time, sometimes longer than we would like.But with regular and comprehensive approach to restore your hair is still possible.