Landowners - is the owner of agricultural land

Almost every third person on the planet wants to open his own business, which would bring a good income, and does not require great effort.Nevertheless, doing business still need to be able to.Things are not so simple, and does not end with finding the capital for the enterprise.Therefore, in recent years, many try their famous throughout agriculture, which today brings real income and does not require super-powers.


Turning to agriculture, perhaps many are interested in the meaning of "landowners".It happened in ancient Rome.At that time people had farms, vast estates, which were called latifundia.On the ground, usually engaged in agriculture.Most often, people grew crops, producing olive oil and opened the winery.

In the past, land concentrated in Egypt, Greece, Sicily and Spain.Today, the landowners - a person doing business in agriculture.In fact, nothing has changed.Earth still used for growing different crops, and people are getting paid for it, which you can live.

latifundia today

It would seem that the days of ancient Rome experienced themselves, but some things still have not changed.Maybe before, no one knew who the landowners.This name appeared a little later, but is widely used today, especially in Latin America.In the 21st century estates can be found in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Argentina and other parts.Anyway, wherever you are plots of land, landowners - this is the person who owns them, and specializes in the areas of export agriculture.

Features latifundia in the past and now

Once upon a time, in the days of ancient Rome, smallholders, offended by fate and ruined by wars, it is "drowning" in their debt, and the only way to survive was to transfer land for use by the rich landlords.They, in turn, increase their ownership, and poor people are satisfied with what they could.It is thus gradually increased landlords several times their possession and as a result received a huge amount of land.Later they were called latifundia.

After a while, the person engaged in agriculture in these areas, given the name of the landowner - it was a defender of land.It is worth noting that earlier plots cultivated by slaves, that in our time, it is possible.