Friesian horses.

Friesian horses is one of the oldest in Europe.It is considered the birthplace of the Netherlands, more precisely, its northern region Frizlend.This is where were found the skeletal remains of an ancient type of heavy horses.Their descendants today and consider the Frisians.However, the story is somewhat changed the original appearance of these animals.Over time, the Friesian horse has got the blood Oriental and Andalusian brothers.It gave her versatility and agility.Friezes steel are suitable not only for agriculture, but also to drive in harness and under saddle.It is said that the noble posture of horses of this breed is ideal for ceremonial processions.

story of

first Friesian horses is mentioned by Julius Caesar.In ancient times, these animals were versatile, strong, but ugly.It is believed that the Frisians are descended from Dutch local horse and brought the Celts conquering horses.As a result, the selection of the breed was ennobled.Already in the Middle Ages, the Frisians were a breed of heavy and large war horses.They were German and Dutch knights went to his crusade.

Friesian horses since the days of ancient Rome to contribute to the English horse breeding.They were fighting units detachments of Roman legions on the islands of Britain.Friesian horses were used not only in England.In Norway, they are also representatives of the breed, which can improve the local breeding.


Andalusian and Berber blood influenced the Frisians in the period from 1568 to 1648 was at this time Spain occupied the Netherlands.

These breeds of horses (with photos can be found below) crossed with friezes, with the result that the last have become particularly majestic and paintings.

Today graceful and elegant animals attracted the attention of many fans of riding.They are also pleased to become owners of private stables.


In 1823 King William I had established the annual run, bearing the name "Day of the Royal whip."To participate in these selected only the Frisians.The winner was awarded a golden whip.

Gradually knight heavy cavalry has lost its meaning.It came to the fore more agile and light Andalusian horse.In this regard, the friezes were used less frequently under the saddle.More and more in this breed began to see a horse coach.

In 1985, part of the Royal stables expanded Friesian horses.Since then, the noble animals are teams Golden decoration crew in which to Queen Elizabeth at the opening ceremony of the Parliament.

Opening in The Hague in 1994, WEG also has not been without these horses.Six of the Frisians was harnessed to the royal carriage.

these noble and beautiful animals have attracted the attention of director O. Stone.Friesian horse it was chosen for the filming of a well-known historic Hollywood film "Alexander."


Photo Friesian horses you can see below.Describing their exterior, it is important to focus on the fact that it is large, massive, very bony, but at the same time elegant animals.Height is a half meters and above.Friezes high on a few and have a pronounced Harness warehouse.Thanks to a well-developed musculature these horses found the best and most unusual in the world.For elegance and beauty, they are often referred to as black pearls.Whether there is a white Friesian horse?No, the suit this breed exclusively crow.The only permissible white is considered the small size of the star between the eyes.

If you are wondering how to draw a Friesian horse, first of all, you should get acquainted with its description.The head of the animals of this breed is quite long and large, has a straight profile.The eyes are dark and expressive.The ears are long.The neck is strong and muscular, but at the same time high set and gracefully curved.Withers well developed and long.Chest moderately broad and deep.The housing has a somewhat elongated shape.The back is long.Limbs strong.The Constitution had friezes, like all tjazhelovoznyh horses loose.However, this usually is not noticed because of the harmony and high on animals.

shiny coat Frisians very short.For the horses of this breed is characterized by a very thick and long mane and bushy tail.The feet have a strong brush, starting high and thick wisps cascade down to the very foot.This feature over time migrated to other species, but it called - "frizistost."Thick brush on his feet give the horse a truly fabulous view.

He who sees the Frisians first time can simply capture the spirit.These horses are sure to cause a feeling of grandeur and splendor.They certainly can be classified as the most beautiful.Tall, slender and spectacular, they proudly look at the world.This is quite good-natured giant raven.They do not cause inconvenience to the rider to his ardor, besides very comfortable in the saddle.


amazing and distinctive Friesian horses not only in appearance.The uniqueness of the breed manifests itself in the movements of these animals.They are characterized by gait (legs held high during the run).On the one hand, such movement is considered unproductive.This is due to the fact that a lot of energy is wasted horse sweeping on running.That is why amongst dray friezes are among the weakest.However, the high pace to give the movement of animals beauty that is appreciated for dressage.Thus, the Frisians occupy a unique niche, located between the Spanish riding horses and harness cold-blooded species.


Horses that are Friesian, are energetic and lively temperament.However, excessive fervor in these animals there.As befits Heavyweights, they are calm, obedient to the rider, good-natured and even-tempered.

Among the advantages of a unique breed - a moderate simplicity.Horses tolerate changing weather conditions, though, compared to other breeds, heavy-duty, more demanding to feed.

Modern trends

Horses belonging to the Friesian breed, popular for competitions among the sleds.They are used for circus performances, as well as dressage.Friesian horse is popular among filmmakers who shoot historical films.Just this handsome crow can best convey the very atmosphere of the medieval period.

Besides sporting events, friezes are often used in the office.These animals often contain personal stables.Due to its calm disposition and convenient ALLURE this breed horses best suited for those who are new to riding.

decent selection

Residents of the Netherlands are proud that their country is home to the popular Friesian horses.In the history of these animals have been repeatedly exposed to selection and crossbreeding.And to this day breeding work is not stopped.The breed is brought to perfection.

What is to stop choice if it is a decision to fill his stables new animals?Different breeds of horses with photos of individuals can be viewed on sites offering bargains.This is difficult not to ignite the desire to become the owner of Chernogrivov handsome frieze.But it is necessary to bear in mind that this breed requires attention and care.With horses should be performed exercise, they should not be deprived of attention.If the free time you have a little, it is better to buy from this serious simply refuse.Friesian horse requires frequent contact with humans.She truly is bound to the host, while trying to please him in everything.In addition to loyalty friezes can talk endlessly.


Sell Friesian horses in all metropolitan areas.If a horse is like a potential buyer, the delivery of the animal produce in any point of our planet.It should be remembered that the majority of breeders has been operating in the Netherlands, hence the Friesian horses.Price per animal may range from 10,000 euros to infinity.Everything depends on the pedigree.But these horses are really worth it.Whoever owns these graceful creatures, causing envy and admiration of others.

Seeing one frieze, forget it simply will not succeed.Its beauty, spectacular appearance, burning eyes, black color, graceful movements and proud posture fall in love with everyone who is not indifferent to the horses.Most people are addicted to this breed for life.