in the district hospital were doing repairs.Sheathe building new panels, double glazing inserted, replace equipment and, possibly, some of the doctors.At the very least, had hoped local pensioner bdivshie the process from next door.Of course, the old lady know better.They are the most frequent customers district clinics.The other categories of citizens to go to health is not enough.

Finally, workers, goods furniture, taken out to the yard the old examination table with folding wheels at the bottom.

On tattered body design is not an easy read the entire history of gynecology, starting somewhere in the middle of the last century.Just tape black and white newsreel stood in front of his eyes.The doctor examines the patient and moves this crap on wheels and the Tele, and the Tele.Sharpness suggests, ohalnik.And saying:

- So, sir, a long time since I have not looked ...

And all would do, but the porters, to make furniture, unaware of the true purpose of this armchair.Ancient Asia has seen a lot of things on their caravan trails, but apparently, this mysterious structure is not known.And so, instead of what would have to continue to work on the removal of medical artifacts three little Asian froze around a strange enraged chair with wheels.They clicked his tongue gently touch the stand-patella and something quietly arguing in their own language.

- Hey!Gyr-holes-sput-Birr!- One working finger touched the chair rolls.

- Ai?Kyr!Gyr-holes!Gyr-sput-Birr-dyrrrr!- Notice the other wheels.

- gyr!Holes!Tyr!Birr !!!- It they realized that the wheels are folded, and the chair can move.

squatted around the chairs, Asians have started the conference - what is meant And this Satan-Arba.Poobsuzhdat advantages, disadvantages and possible use of the chair, the children of the steppes came to a consensus and decided to test his theory in practice.

first child riders Batu sat on top of a chair, his legs dangling on either side.Armchair dangerously tilted back.Then another dashing fellow rider hurried balance and sat down in front, resting legs in patella, in the stirrups.

- Bolivar not to take two!- Shaking his cheeks, he bent in the throes of bystanders.

But the citizens were Asians on this iron horse with serious faces, eyes and spiritualized.And all would do if their third companion, purely for the sake of this experiment is not pushed Push-Pushing-headed.Being composed of metal, rubber boots and slanted eyes, creaked and happily rolled downhill.

Old ladies, pensioners, open-mouthed, watched the yard clinics rolled gynecological chair, frightening spectacle counter raskoryachennyh experimenters.Some guy, bouncing off the road, said:

- escapes from a gynecologist?- And a moment later, seeing catch-up wagon third narrow-eyed fellow, I shouted:

- Citizen gynecologist!Patients escape!Abortion does not want?Help?

Then all perished en masse.Even Grandma-guards who threatened hooligans fists and all sorts of rude words.The roar of the yard so the clinic was that frightened Asians perespevshimi pears collapsed on the pavement with his devil-carts.They have not yet realized that in just a few minutes ascended to stardom and became a local living legend.Whatever they say, no matter how lips curve, the local population about the migrants and for those curious nature of children they can not keep up.Who else, just like that, in front of everyone, able to ride in a gynecological chair?

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