Patties with potatoes and cheese.

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you ever cooked potato cakes?Just so that the potatoes did not act as a filler and as one of the major components of the test?If not, read our article, which we describe in detail the preparation of tasty pies, zrazy and zeppelins.

Potato patties with cheese

Prepare an original treat for breakfast - and your family will be very grateful to you.Potato patties with cheese and beet sauce we will prepare as follows:

  • Boiled beets and rub a clove of garlic on a small grater, add to them with salt, pepper, a few spoonfuls of sour cream and mix thoroughly.
  • until sauce infused, make potato dough for pies.To do this, boil in salted water for four medium potatoes, peel them from the skin and mash.Add the potatoes 150 grams of flour, one egg, salt and pepper.Mix the ingredients with a spoon, and then knead the arms are elastic dough.The finished product, wrap in plastic wrap and leave it alone for a while.
  • To prepare stuffing, mash with a fork to 150 grams of cheese, and then mix it with chopped dill, green onions, parsley and a clove of garlic.
  • rested Roll the dough to a thickness of two millimeters, and with the help of cut glass circles.Each workpiece Put a teaspoon of filling and Pinch edges.
  • mini Fry patties in vegetable oil on both sides.

prepare food on a plate, beet sauce Put in gravy boat and serve the dish to the table with hot tea or milk.

Potato cakes with meat

This rich dish you can not only prepare for the usual family tea party, but also apply to the festive table.To make the potato cakes with meat, you will need:

  • 500 grams of boiled meat (you can take the pork, chicken or beef) to scroll through a meat grinder.
  • Boil until tender, then peel of one kilogram of potatoes.Until the vegetables have cooled, chop them with a meat grinder, mix with two chicken eggs, salt, spices and four tablespoons of white flour.Knead the dough is hand tight.If in the process it will stick to the hands and the table, add to it a little more flour.
  • Two large onion peel, chop and fry with the meat in vegetable oil until golden brown.Season the stuffing with salt and pepper to taste.
  • dough into small balls, shape of each blank cake, put the filling and Pinch edges.
  • Fry patties on the preheated pan until cooked on both sides.Then lay out a feast on paper towels and wait for them to absorb the excess fat.

fried potato cakes can be submitted to the table with sour cream sauce and fresh vegetables.

Lenten pies with potato broth

If you practice fasting, that is no reason to deny yourself the gastronomic pleasures of small.However, the ability to cook the dough on a potato broth for pies can not boast of every woman.Therefore, carefully read our recipe and cook delicious pastries with us:

  • Peel four medium potatoes, pour four cups of water and boil until tender.One cup of broth drain into a deep bowl, and pour the rest into the pan.
  • potato mash to a state of mashed potatoes to the broth and reload.
  • four teaspoons of dry yeast dissolve in a bowl with a broth cooled down, and then pour the mixture into the pan.
  • Add ingredients to four tablespoons of sugar, two teaspoons of salt and ten tablespoons of vegetable oil.Sift the flour (as needed for a dense dough), add ground bran or fiber.
  • hands Knead the dough, cover it with a towel and put in a warm place so that it can rise.Do not forget to press down the dough by hand, but in the end it must again Move.

Lenten pies with potato broth can be prepared with a variety of fillings.For example, with sauerkraut, apple or jam.Note that in this recipe you get a lot of dough, so part of it, you can wrap in plastic and send it in the freezer until the next time.

Potato zrazy oven

Potato Patties, zrazy, patties and dumplings - a name that different nations have given the same dish.Therefore, leave the subtlety of their decoding linguists and go to the description of the recipe.To make the potato cakes in the oven, you will need:

  • Put a saucepan on the fire, pour into it two tablespoons of vegetable oil, pour a glass of hot water and lay out 500 grams of sauerkraut.
  • stuffing Simmer, covered, until it is soft enough.At the end, add to it a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of tomato paste.
  • Six medium sized potatoes, boil until cooked, remove them peel and mash.Add salt, pepper and a spoonful of flour.
  • Knead dough is dense and divide it into equal balls (about 50 grams).
  • Flatten each workpiece, lay at the center of one teaspoon of filling and shape round cakes.

zrazy Bake in the oven on a baking sheet, laid by parchment.When they are ready, apply them to the table with sour cream sauce.To prepare the sauce, mix sour cream, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and fresh herbs.

pastry stuffed with green onions and egg

Few people can resist this delicious and hearty.Especially delicious is obtained in the middle and late summer, when the time comes to new potatoes.Recipe:

  • potato dough for pies cook 600 grams of boiled potatoes, two eggs, two spoons of flour, salt and pepper.Connect the ingredients, and then peremesite their hands on the working surface of your kitchen table.
  • For the stuffing chop three boiled eggs, chop with a knife bunch green onions and dill.Add salt and mix the ingredients.
  • Shape the dough and filling pies, roll them in flour and fry in a pan on both sides.

finished dish Serve with yogurt or sour cream.

potato patties with mushrooms

If you love the fragrant forest mushrooms, be sure to try to prepare them for this recipe:

  • Prepare potato dough according to one of the recipes described above.
  • For the filling, take 250 grams peeled, chopped and fried with onions wild mushroom.
  • Form small cakes of the dough, put in the center of the stuffing and form of these pies.

Fry potato patties in vegetable oil and serve hot.

Potato pie with apple filling

This dish is cooked very quickly and easily, and the result is delicious.The recipe is this:

  • Crush to a state of mashed potatoes 450 grams of boiled potatoes.Add to it salt, pepper and two tablespoons of melted butter.Then connect the potatoes with a glass of wheat flour and knead the dough is not too tight.
  • Three apple peel, remove core, cut them into thin slices and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • Divide the dough into four pieces and roll each circle.
  • In baking, the laid paper baking dish, place two pieces, they put the butter, cut into thin slices and apple filling.Sprinkle sugar harvesting, cover their laps remaining and Pinch edges.

Bake cakes until tender, each pre-pierced in several places with a fork.


This dish Lithuanian cuisine will certainly taste and your family.In order to properly cook it, carefully read the instructions:

  • Take two kilos of potatoes, clean peel and divide into four parts.One part of the boil until tender and mince.The other three parts of the grate on fine grater.Press raw potatoes and connect it to jam.
  • Wait potato juice settles, and then drain the liquid from the pan without touching the bottom of the remaining starch.
  • Connect starch potato stuffing, mix, add salt and pepper.If you did everything correctly, the result is a dense and elastic dough.For the filling
  • connect scrolled meat, chopped onion, garlic, pepper and salt to taste.
  • Wet your hands with cold water, take a handful of potato mass and the shape of her cake in half a centimeter thick.Put the stuffing in the center and Pinch edges.
  • in spacious pot boil water, add to it a few bay leaves and fragrant pepper peas.Gently lay inside the dumplings and cook them for half an hour.
  • To prepare the sauce, take 250 grams of bacon (or bacon), and then cut it into cubes.Fry the meat with minced onion, and finally add a little cream.

finished dish arrange on plates and pour the meat sauce before serving.


Potato Patties - it is a wonderful treat that will love all the members of your family.Read our recipes and cook with them tasty and hearty.