Interpretation of Dreams: what dreams priests

In our secular world, living among worldly cares, worldly joys and sorrows, we sometimes forget about our soul.As well as its relationship with God.But the soul does not forget.She visited us in our dreams, that here so subtly dokrichatsya our consciousness.

It is to us in the form of a spiritual entity - a priest or a monk.Cleric can be complacent priest, strict priest or monk in black dejected.What does this mean and what the priests dream?There's no single answer.It all depends on the situation on the details that you were able to remember.But in any case, the need to listen to this dream: you says to the soul, which has a direct link with the astral world.She asks you to review your life, pay attention to the health or recalls the evil that you have done your neighbor.

Dream Miller

Various commentators consider night vision image of the priest in his own way.So, Dream Miller believes that the dream pop of danger.Women can substitute and thereby tarnish its reputation.The man also threatened all sorts of machinations or scorching criticism.The risk is doubled if you dream, if you turn to the spiritual shepherd, and he will not notice.This means that there are no plans for your blessing from above, and you will fail.However, if you dream - the dream book argues - the father-priest, but still in a good mood, it is a good sign for those who have a clean and high intentions.It should listen to what the Holy Father says.His words have to be for you a guide to action.If you've seen the priest reading prayers - surveyed at the doctor.

Female sonnik

Church, priest, liturgy and confessions in the book of interpretations for the fair sex mean an entirely different fate.Just seeing the priest outside the church - you need to try to be critical of yourself and your actions.If you do not enter into conversation with him - you who is trying to influence.The conversation with the priest, on the contrary, in the near future portends good fortune and high position.The most beneficial sleep is when the clergyman blesses you.Soon you will have a powerful patron or friend.But if you see that the priest governs the service in the church - not good.This means mental anguish, anxiety.This dream can serve as a precursor to the disease.Also, it does not bode well for a vision in which you confess to the priest.It is a sign of humiliation.Being in love with a dream confessor - in real life is to be feared betrayal by a lover or a person you trust implicitly.If pop "inciting wedges to you" - be prepared for reproaches and harsh criticism.

Family sonnik

priest in secular clothes heralds calm days.If he dreamed in vestments (Liturgical chasuble) - you need to repent of your sins before God.What experience His patience?If the dream had a man who has committed an evil act, his crime will be solved.For the patient this vision also does not bode well.If you dream, if you crowned pop, then soon this happy event to happen, but if you're married or single, you will find joy in your mate.Not being ordained, you see yourself in a dream in vestments?Perhaps you too much to take themselves, and you will suffer the shame and ridicule.Why dream of the priests of other religions?A Catholic priest, pastor or clergyman different faith (mullah, rabbi) mean drastic changes that will occur in your life.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Under this interpreter of dreams priest - the image is definitely good.If he is busy reading prayers - and you should contact the soul to God, ask Him about the innermost.Blessing of the Holy Father in a dream other things, success in all your endeavors.If you see yourself in the garb clergyman, you are called to serve the people on the ground and be good to them.A Catholic priest is a difficult choice.

you should think before you make a tough decision - says the dream book.The priest, who looks tired and sad, warn of impending danger.If the pastor looks unhappy and angry - you have bad conscience.Wedding dream - surely a good sign.But the confession means that in real life you will soon find yourself in a difficult situation from which you can get out with honor only by an influential friend.

Gypsy Dream Book

Why dream of priests in the mythology of nomadic people?The rich robes of priests made them in the eyes of Gypsies characters silly extravagance.If you see an ass in a dream - it is a rich and prosperous life.If you happen to see himself in the role of ugly - you lent unwisely or spent money.This dream can mean failure in all business affairs or in the workplace.If you dreamed priests in the church or at the cemetery, soon you may find yourself in an uncomfortable, ambiguous position, you have to be justified and explained.Reads a prayer and bows beating pop or monk warns of incorrect decisions.If you dream you overcome insatiable desire to confess to a confessor, be ready that soon you will fly to the sad news.

Dreams Mayan

It is clear that this was not a pagan nation of priests.But there were priests - people who have a special gift to communicate with the gods.Ministers of religion occupied a prominent position in the hierarchy of Maya society, be respected, and their prophecies regarded uncritically.But when it comes again, and the priests of the Indians used a dual reputation.So, if in a night vision beloved of the gods cast a spell or prayer, it meant that the gods took sleeping under his wing.Waking up in the morning, the Indian had to thank the higher powers of patronage.Draw on paper, fruits, flowers, decorations, and at midnight leaf burn.But there are also unhappy visions in which appears the priest.Interpretation of Dreams by Maya points out that if the priest brings the sacrifice, who saw it will have no time for important things.In order not to be late with the delivery of the quarterly report, simply turn the clock at midnight on the day before.

And what says about Freud?

founder of psychoanalysis in no hurry to condemn the interpretation of dreams as a relic of the past superstitions.He believed that in the night visions more fully disclosed our subconscious, and particularly the libido that day, while awake, is subject to "over-self".Since the church has yet to ordain women priests, in Freudianism, he is a symbol of the penis.But at the same time, the minister of worship associated with a safe space and an ordered life.If you are a man, and you had a priest, it is likely you yearn for safe sex, that would not lead to an unwanted pregnancy of your wife or mistress.But if a woman dreams of pop, she is suffering, or castration complex, or is willing to fit in with the dominant lover who would be completely subdued her with his power.At least, so says the dream book.The priest in black means voluntarism, brutality, domination.To these may not agree themselves priests who consider the color of their robes symbol of detachment from the world.

Dreams Grishina

Why dream of priests according to interpretations of this book?See it - unfortunately, to confess it - to the humiliation.If you pop in full regalia - a mortal danger for the whole family.Only cheerful, laughing a priest, and even in secular clothes - a pleasant surprise.Probably, the medium had any conflicts with the church ...