How to make a vase out of glass bottles?

bottles made of glass fall into our hands often enough.Many of them are very beautiful shape and texture (the bulb in the form of musical instruments, cylinders, etc.).Therefore, after the product is used, dispose of such containers, many simply did not raise his hand.Yes, in general, and does not need to do that, because, having put enough imagination, a little patience and a share of effort, you can easily turn them into something interesting.This talk, but about how to make a vase out of glass bottles.It's a great way to bring freshness to the interior of your home or apartment, besides all the materials for creativity are readily available.

Method number 1: The easiest

The most basic way to make a bottle in a vase for flowers - do it for her decorative cover.And it will be possible to periodically change such "odezhku" on the bottle.Very much in this case, useful skills in sewing and knitting.After all, the easiest option - to do it for a bottle case (as in the photo).It can be connected using decorative patterns, or sew, adding to taste lace and combining fabrics of different textures (leather, suede, velvet, and so simple burlap. D.).The second way - is to make a beautiful ring for the main part of the bottle.It can be used for this purpose pleated or plain paper, cloth.By using these simple techniques you will have the original flower vase in a short time.

Method number 2: Paint the inside of the bottle

Glass bottles of different shapes and sizes and colors - that's all you need.The process of painting is not difficult, we advise you to do it from within.So the colors are more vivid, and the surface is flat and smooth.The paint can be used absolutely any, will fit even the one that is designed for windows and doors.If you are going to paint the containers in different colors, it is advisable to buy some white paint and dyes.Before you make a vase out of glass bottles, be sure to decide the color scheme, which is to be harmonious and match the interior.

You will also need a large syringe.In a small container Stir white paint dye to color uniformity.Then type it into the syringe and gently pour into the bottle.Begin to rotate it around its axis, is uniformly distributed within the paint.Surplus drain.Put down the bottle neck and leave it to dry completely.In addition to this standard method can be used several colors.For this purpose, two syringe type paint contrasting shades and inject inside.As the mixing and distribution of you will turn out bright and smooth color transitions.

Method number 3: wrapping bottles rope

When using a conventional adhesive, woolen yarn, strings or tapes you can get a very original vase out of the bottle.Master-class on the subject - it is simple and feasible process.The surface of the bottle should be degreased beforehand, and then lubricate the glue or use a special gun.Then very carefully and slowly to be fastened thread pitches, starting from the bottom.Held her tightly as possible.You can paste over the bottle completely (as in the photo), or only partially.The surface after drying can be decorated with additional decorative elements.Remember the cardinal rule - materials should be combined with each other (natural with a natural).So a simple twine well suited wooden beads, flowers, made of leather or a simple burlap stamp of wax and so on.Crafts from bottles, including vases, glued multicolored woolen threads, obtained cheerful.This activity is quite suitable to work with children.

Method number 4: Paint the outside

This method also has the right to exist.However, it is used mainly to make the most decorative surface, roughness, feeling of velvet.We recommend to use matte paint in cans.This is the fastest and cost-effective option.Before you make a bowl with his hands, using aerosol paint, please be patient.In this case, the main principle of operation - this gradual coating, layer by layer.Otherwise, just paint flow and the appearance will be ruined.

This method involves the use of stencils and painting fine brush on a finished surface.You can also use a different material, which will add even more decorative: sand, glass chips (with caution), and so on. D.

Method number 5: flower vase with decoupage technique

This option requires some skills andpatience, as the work is quite tedious.Decoupage, in fact, is the application of a paper application on any surface.In addition to the special pictures or taken from a magazine, you will need glue, a brush and paint for the final coat.Focus only on the main points, and if you wish you can go through the whole workshop.Crafts from the bottles using the technique of decoupage require careful degreasing, followed by priming it.This can be done by conventional acrylics.Then very carefully applied to the desired picture and carefully sealed with glue (PVA, or special).Allow to dry surfaces.The final stage of work - is the consolidation of paint, you can use the special, which gives the effect of aging.

Method number 6: Mosaic

Mosaic - fairly common way of decoration, and it is decorated with many crafts.Vase from a bottle with its application look like little stained.The method may be two: a mosaic and its imitation.In the first case it is assumed the use of multi-colored glass pieces.They must be prepared in advance using a glass cutter, while respecting careful not to get hurt.What shape are the elements (square, rectangle, irregular shape), it depends entirely on your imagination.Before you make a vase out of glass bottles with mosaics, select the correct shape.Well suitable container with smooth walls.For example, a large square bottle.On the surface of the low-fat small glass pieces are fastened with glue, with the leave between them a short distance.After drying by conventional grout fill the seams.

Imitation of the mosaic can be done in two ways.This is a fairly simple options on how to make a bowl with his hands out of the ordinary glass bottle.In the first case, a copper wire.At random, chaotic manner or in accordance with specific intent, it is wrapped around the bottle.Then, each piece is filled with a thin layer of paint.Furthermore, you can use various decorative elements.The second method is similar, but instead of using ink wire of a certain color (white, gold, silver).After application of the pattern it is allowed to dry, and then filled squares formed.Finally, the entire surface can be covered with varnish.

Method number 7: wrapping decorative elements

In fact, this method is very much like a mosaic, but other materials are used and slightly different technology.Papered bottle can be all that is at your fingertips.If you bring a summer holiday by the sea a shell package, it is easy to create crafts from bottles, including vases, with their use.Do not limit yourself to any one material and create a whole composition.Together with seashells will look good plain rope and sand.The seeds, which is in every house, you can also create a beautiful combination.Use sunflower seeds, pumpkin, coffee beans, buckwheat and others.

Method number 8: trimming bottle

Some bottles themselves have an almost perfect shape and color, so it is necessary only to remove the neck - and you get an extremely laconic and stylish vase.This can be done in different ways:

  • only cut the neck, for example, as in the photo on the left;
  • cut bottle on the third or half.

In both cases, the cut can be made parallel to the surface or at an angle that looks quite impressive, too.When possession sufficient skills may figure cut by means of special equipment.Therefore, before making a vase of glass bottles with additional decor, think maybe it will be enough of this method.

How to cut a glass bottle?

At home, it can be done simply and quickly.You will need: yarn, alcohol or an ordinary cologne, matches and cold water.Observe caution measures, use safety glasses and gloves.Place the planned cut must be abundantly wrap yarn soaked in alcohol, and then set fire to it.Turn the bottle on its axis, soak the fire in a short period of time (2-3 minutes), and then fill it with cold water.Glass crack exactly the spot where the thread.At the end of the edge can be sanded to make them look more even and decorative.

Here are only the main directions, the options of what you can make crafts out of bottles.Step by step instructions and actions may vary depending on your imagination.Is it possible to drive the creative process in any framework?Sozidavayte Create and use a combination of different materials and techniques.