History list of the most stylishly dressed people of the year by Vanity Fair

Beginning in the 1920s, is very popular in the fashion world, and particularly in Paris, used the Best Dressed List - an anonymous list of the ten most stylishly dressed women, created by French fashion designer, now known as Vanity Fair Best Dressed List, afterwhich annually hosts a party at the September New York Fashion Week.

list was a kind of "Oscar" for women, how to get there was a great honor and, at the same time, it is difficult.However, few people know how he managed to remain the most important record in the world of fashion to this day.This was made possible by American Eleanor Lambert, founder of the American fashion weeks.

During the Second World War, when it became apparent that the war would be an obstacle to the creation of a new annual list in Paris, Lambert took the initiative in their own hands and, to a list published again in accordance with the schedule in the autumn of 1940year sent 50 bulletins fashion experts, including chief designer brands Bergdorf Goodman, Valentino, Jo Copeland, the editors of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, shlyapnitse Lilly Daché and others.Summing up, it spread as a result of a press release by the New York Costume Institute.

In 1941, thanks to Eleanor Lambert, from the list of Vanity Fair has become an international and became known around the world.Ms. Lambert argued that it was made precisely on the model of the French, but in fact the basis for the idea of ​​this list was to promote American fashion.

Since the list was published on the eve of the new year, it was sort of a gift to him popavshshim women.Since 1983, the future Vanity Fair Best Dressed List began to produce after the Valentine's Day or Easter.On that only women were either to their name put on his page!

Periodically pretender Lambert even chased itself.One woman sent by mail to 70 of your photos in different outfits, hoping Eleanor noticed her.As keeper of the list, it also gets pretty unusual requests.

example, Byron Foy pleaded with her once that his wife was not in the list, because while there was an investigation of his finances in Washington, and he did not want people to think that his wife spends a lot on clothes.

Charles Wrightsman, on the contrary, to be generous for another reason, says Lambert."When we were alone, he squeezed my hand and thanked me for what Jane (his wife) - the list and put a check in hand.I have no idea on how much it was, because I gave it back, "- says the creator of the list.

must say that Lambert even offered bribes of up to $ 50,000, a huge money at that time.Her niece told me that the only time when Eleanor talked to her on the list, was in Frankfurt."I'm so damn tired of people trying to get me to take their money," - she said.Women literally fought for, to get to the next Vanity Fair Best Dressed List.

is important to note that the original list was not actresses and fashionistas first list of families headed by women politicians and members of Congress, and only in the 1960s, became increasingly supplemented list Hollywood stars and singers.

first actress who was there, was Rosalind Russell, which caused confusion among the critics, as previously the MGM tried to influence the decision of Lambert and realizing the scale of the impact of its list, offered her the role of the actors - in return for mentioning actress.

29 June 2002 98-year-old Eleanor inherited its International Best-Dressed magazine Vanity Fair: Amy Bell, Graydon Carter, Amy Fine Collins and Reinaldo Herrera.They dedicate this theme a September issue, which goes on sale in early August.It is also interesting that in 2009, Vanity Fair has changed the approach to the choice of names for the first time, along with the opinion of professionals, consider the views of ordinary readers and bloggers who could progolovat.

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