Replacement rights Expiration

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Driving license valid for 10 years from the date of its receipt.Replacement rights upon expiry - this is a mandatory process.The exchange is made in the department of traffic police (in the registration and examination department) at the place of registration.

it possible to advance trade law?

This question often arises from drivers.Of course you can.Such an approach is even more preferable.In principle, the rule change in the SAI is possible throughout the period of their validity (10 years), but it is too early to do so does not make sense.However, how long before you will prefer to delay their replacement - it's your business.For some - this year, but for others - the whole week.

What documents are needed in the police?

rule change - troublesome, so before you go to change them, it is necessary to check whether all documents are in your hands:

  • Original expired driver's license or a duplicate of it (if it was previously lost).Externally, the duplicate does not differ from the original except for the line "special notes".It says: "duplicate".In addition, there should be the series and number of identification issued initially.
  • medical certificate of an approved pattern (it is produced in urban or private clinics).
  • passport (for the military can be military ID).
  • Receipt of payment of registration fee (for the production rights to the plastic card 800 rubles).It is possible to pay in whatever branch of the bank commercial or Sat.
  • Statement "Replacing the rights of expiry" (you will be given a sample of the traffic police).

If you have some other documents relating to your rights of TC management, grab them, too.This can be a driver's card or a certificate from a driving school from there.Replacement rights upon expiry is only possible if you have no outstanding fines.In any case, they should be paid in advance.Exam when replacing a driver's license do not need to take.

algorithm for replacing the expired rights

So, all the necessary documents you have prepared.Now you need to remove the copies of identity documents (passport or military ID), and a copy of a medical certificate - they will remain in storage in the department of traffic police.And there remain overdue law.In memory of them will not give you.Find out in advance by telephone hours of the registration and examination department.Going to the traffic police, keep in mind that you have to take pictures there, so prepare, dress accordingly.Also, if you have poor eyesight and you wear glasses, do not forget to bring along.In the photo you'll be wearing glasses.And on your driver's license with the back of the tick that you have to control the vehicle only in glasses.In the department provide the whole package of documents prepared.You will be asked to go to take a photo, and then again have some time to wait in the hallway until all the available information about you will not introduce into the computer and prepare a new law.Then again be invited, so that you got married in the new document, then its Laminate and hand.In the "special notes" will be specified the series and number of the old rights.Replacement rights upon expiry executed them for 10 years now, you can not worry about.Do not forget to change the expired law, otherwise you will be fined for driving the vehicle without a license.