How to grow hair: beauty secrets

you want to have long hair but your hair does not want to please you?Our advice will tell you how to grow your hair properly.

hair should fall

To understand how to grow your hair properly, you need to start to know some important facts about them.For example, the fact that on the day a person loses about 100 hairs - note that this is absolutely normal.Especially when you consider that on the head of each of us there are about 100,000 So do not be scared if after each combing the hairs you lose - they give way to new "brothers."Another thing, when too many of them or they fall intact strands.

Hair condition mainly depends on what goes into your stomach.Therefore, if you want to learn how to grow hair fast, first plunge into the world of proper nutrition.If the vitamins in the food will be enough (especially biotin), and the body would receive calcium and fat in abundance, the hair will grow faster, in addition, they will have a healthy appearance.

Wear a hat and quit smoking

often on the Internet you can meet people who are interested in how to grow hair in the past month.They call and the desired result - 10-15 cm. Trichologists Doctors claim that in the past month, even the healthy hair with a maximum of care can grow only by 1.3 cm (old age growth rate could reach a quarter of a centimeter).

Of course, you can somewhat speed up the growth process, using various kinds of stimulants, but additional gains still amount to no more than 2 mm.If you want to lengthen the hair drastically short time, it is best to increase them - there are no other ways.

In this situation, you have to go the traditional route.Stop walking in cold weather without a hat, do not overheat your hair, stop using non-natural products, creating all sorts of hairstyles.From ploek and ironing will have to give.Forget about the need and habit.

Nutrition and massage

How to grow a new hair quickly?First of all, it is important to stimulate the scalp: in this case the hair follicles receive proper food, which is very beneficial for hair growth.Optional use of expensive means because the best masks can be made from what is at hand.

For example, an excellent effect on the hair is able to provide regular mustard powder.It must be diluted with water and burdock oil and apply on the hair twice a month.Keep the mask should be at least 15 minutes - the effect you'll notice a couple of months.Good in this sense, even the red pepper, lemon juice.

Try to massage the head - true, then help is better to see a specialist.If the hair is not enough vitamins, they are brittle, triholog may recommend injections with a vitamin solution - they will be put directly into the scalp.

specialists who know how to grow hair competently advise them often moistened.That is, you can wash your hair every day, but you need to use the shampoo only when necessary.They advise rarely combed because the process causes the sebaceous glands to work hard, making the hair look sloppy.