Effective deodorant from sweating

Bad breath, sweating and dirty hair is always thrown in the eyes of others.Familiar will avoid your society and at work will certainly be blamed for carelessness.Unfortunately, the cause of the above problems can be ill health.

In our review you will learn about the causes of hyperhidrosis and how effective deodorant by sweating.


appearance of perspiration at the stronger sex - a natural reaction to exercise, hot weather, or heavy exercise.Primary sweating is manifested in men in their teens and is present throughout life.

However, the cause of secondary hyperhidrosis, the situation is a bit more complicated, so do not rush to buy an effective deodorant by sweating.The solution must be sought from the doctor, if it is related to the following items:

  • Temperature infectious disease.
  • consequences of taking medication.
  • Failure of the endocrine system.
  • rheumatic diseases.
  • Lymphoma.
  • stress and anxiety.
  • Obesity and metabolic disorders.


There is no doubt that the most discomfort secondary hyperhidrosis gives the fair sex.It is thought that a girl or woman should always look neat and exude perfume exclusively.Wet circles armpits, sweat on his forehead or wet palms - a new acquaintance may not be out of the question, and your sense of self-doubt will not come to you any gentleman.

above reasons copious sweating in women and men alike.But for the ladies list can be extended.

  • menstruation.During the critical days increases estrogen levels - the body reacts to this sweating and fatigue.
  • Pregnancy.Profuse sweating during the first trimester - a normal reaction to fear is not worth it.Later symptoms takes place without the use of any special tools.
  • Climax.At this stage, the female body can withstand significant hormonal changes.Appears excessive sensitivity, fatigue and increased sweating.In this situation, doctors recommend the use of deodorant from sweating, so as not to add stress during the transition period.

General recommendations

Regardless of the causes of secondary hyperhidrosis, there are some simple guidelines that will help in part to cope with the problem.

Firstly, water treatments.You need to take a shower at least twice a day, and most desirable summer.

Secondly, clothing.Avoid synthetic fabrics and silhouettes too tight.Silk, linen and cotton should be your "best friends."

Third, medical deodorants from sweating.Do some research, study reviews on the market of products and choose the best.

Fourth, the food.Pay attention to your diet.Carbonated water, sweets, spicy food and coffee increase sweating.Quench your thirst in the heat better than green tea or plain water.

Fifth, phytoremedy.Many plants are able to help, if properly use them.For example, regularly taking a bath with the addition of herbal concoctions (oak bark, sage and pine needles) can reduce sweating.


In our review, we will not dwell on the treatments giperpotlivosti but cheap drugs still call.

safest considered "Formagel" - it has been registered by the Ministry of Health.The effect after the procedure described in the manual, lasts up to 13 days.

not recommended to use "Paste Teymurova" and "Formidron" because of the presence of lead and formaldehyde.

Another option - to buy a deodorant against sweating.Let's look at three of the most well-known product.


In 1970, the UK was established "Odaban" - Deodorant, which is already more than forty years, is one of the most effective tools in the fight against secondary hyperhidrosis.Today the brand is represented in the line:

  1. Spray.Suitable for any area of ​​the skin.It is important to carefully review the instructions and correctly apply antiperspirant.On dry clean skin you apply the spray before going to bed and in the morning the place you need to wash and dry.The effect persists up to 10 days.
  2. Foot Powder.Active protection from the smell of shoes and feet for 7-10 days.
  3. Lotion palms.

buy products brand "Odaban" can be in supermarkets "ABC taste", as well as in pharmacies "A5", "36.6", "Old Doctor", "Gorzdrav" and many others.A full list of addresses and phone numbers presented on the official site.

Pros and cons

Deodorant by sweating "Odaban" should be used with caution and only in accordance with recommendations from the manufacturer.Do not apply the tool on inflamed and irritated skin.After underarms, for example, should take several days.

reviews about this deodorant positive."Odaban" cope even with a strong hyperhidrosis, definitely better than antiperspirants mass market that promise protection for 48 hours.

Sweating actually decreases with each use, and the effect lasts for several days.Now let's talk about the "cons":

- Burning.To varying degrees, it showed almost all who have tried "Odaban."Depending on the sensitivity of the skin may occur and other allergic reactions.For this reason, use the face for hyperhidrosis is not possible because of the risk of eye contact.

- Composition.This deodorant is created by sweating alcohol based and contains aluminum chloride.Harmful substances can accumulate in the body and cause hidradenitis sup- - purulent inflammation of the sweat glands.


active advertising on TV and radio several years ago made the incredibly popular DryDry - deodorant from sweating.The pharmacy is now much less likely to buy a fake, because high demand has played into the hands of the producers of low-quality cosmetics.

creators DryDry not cease to expand the series and today: in addition to the classical deodorant, you can buy a version and Sensitive Light, as well as swipe against giperpotlivosti.

mechanism in all deodorants from the Swedish manufacturer is the same.By creating an aluminum-protein complex to the treated area decreases sweat glands.According to the studies, as a result of such exposure drug it does not accumulate in the human body, even with prolonged use.Here are just some of the reviews, unfortunately, tell a different story, but more on that later.

basic rules

Deodorant from heavy sweating DryDry - very effective.This is confirmed by numerous customer reviews.But do not forget about the recommendations from the manufacturer, without observing that the result can be unpredictable.

  1. Apply the product only on dry skin - otherwise you may experience discomfort, irritation or burning.
  2. apply deodorant an hour before bedtime and not to the number of zealous.
  3. When the redness, use an emollient cream, and in extreme cases - hydrocortisone cream.If all else fails, discontinue use DryDry and consult a doctor.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Classic or Sensitive?

first appeared on the Russian market of deodorant sweating for long periods.On the palms, soles of the feet and armpits means proven effective.For best results when hyperhidrosis advised to use DryDry two nights in a row, and for the maintenance go 1-2 times a week.

Small vial of 35 ml may suffice for almost a year, depending on frequency of use.

latest innovation from the Swedish steel producer DryDry Sensitive with less aluminum chloride hydrate - 20%.In the Classic version, the figure is 30.5%.Another difference - no alcohol base.According to the buyers agent it was less effective.The new formula can not cope with hyperhidrosis - moisture in the armpits may appear in ten hours.

comfort or health?

DryDry Classic has helped many people to solve the problem giperpotlivosti and gain confidence in themselves.The fair sex, forced early wear only dark clothes, were able to afford a bright wardrobe.However, along with the positive feedback it became aware of the frequent cases of hidradenitis sup-.

course, the manufacturer assures that the "blocked" sweat out with the help of the kidneys, and no harm will not do.But the opinion of doctors sounds different: sweat, has not found a natural outlet, and is subjected to inverse filtering can stagnate in the lymph nodes.This is especially dangerous for girls and women.

similar reaction to the deodorant from sweating does not appear at all, but how do you know who is at risk?Use of such a strong means is justified only when the real problems with sweating.If you are too lazy to use a conventional deodorant every day, it is best to think once again before using DryDry.


The name Vichy Laboratories has received through the same city in France.It was here in 1931, it began the story of the now very successful company, firmly ensconced in the world's top five manufacturers of class "luxury".

incredible amount of nutrients and trace elements in groundwater sources Vichy interested entrepreneurs Guerin and Dr. Allaire.The main component of Vichy treatments and to this day is a unique water containing 17 minerals and 30 trace elements.

Focusing on the needs of men and women, specialists create superb cosmetic products.Dermatological tests on all skin types and the cooperation with well-known laboratories only work to the benefit of the reputation of the brand.In addition, confidence, and adds that the cosmetics spread only through the pharmacy network.

Vichy "7 days"

not contain ethyl alcohol and parabens - are the key words that attract attention to a small box, which is a deodorant "Vichy" by sweating.The name "7 days" promises to dry armpits and comfort.

inside the vial is a 30 ml cream with a non-sticky and very soft texture.Apply the product on clean, dry skin at bedtime according to the scheme specified in the instructions.According to reviews

female portals and forums, with a strong hyperhidrosis means can not help in very hot weather, but in general, a manufacturer keeps its promises.There is also an economical consumption: one application is needed, "pea" cream, so the tube lasts for 6-9 months.

Despite the fact that the deodorant from sweating Vichy for women, its flavor is more similar to men.Fortunately, on the morning of him no trace remains.

Another competitor

not be amiss to recall the Russian analogue of the famous DryDry."Algel" - no less popular product in the category "Deodorants by sweating."Reviews most customers confirm its effectiveness.

Thus, design and structure actually resembles a "big brother" of Sweden - the same alcohol and hlogidrat aluminum.In low concentrations present extracts of green tea, sage and chamomile, as well as menthol.The cost of deodorant "Algel" almost two times lower than that undoubtedly attracts buyers.

According to information from the manufacturer, after 3-5 days of treatment facilities in the armpits observed to achieve maximum comfort.Also suitable for hands and feet.