What are the benefits and harm of arginine?

During multiple research American scientists were able to prove the healing properties of the amino acid arginine (nitric oxide donator).It was found out its beneficial effects on the body as a whole, exactly on blood circulation, blood vessels and heart muscle.Due to this surprising discovery experts awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize.

Benefits and features

Today the harm and benefit of arginine has repeatedly explored.L-arginine is the major carrier of nitrogenous compounds and also involved in the removal and transport of excess nitrogen in the body maintaining the optimum balance of this component.Arginine also has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, ensure the correct operation of the exchange and metabolic processes.

sufficient amount of this amino acid helps the rapid conclusion of toxins.The substance accelerates the synthesis of many hormones in the human body.For this reason, the amino acid is actively used in the nutrition of athletes, bodybuilders.It is a catalyst for the synthesis of muscle mass and recycles waste products.

When endogenous production is significantly reduced body fat and increased muscle tissue.Over the past decade with the addition of products of this substance began to enjoy great success.Commercially available tablets for rejuvenation, as well as gels and shampoos for hair growth.

amino acid bodybuilding

Harm and benefits of arginine in sports nutrition are inadequate.During strength training reinforced body can not produce even 10% of the substance, respectively, athletes need to obtain an amino acid from the outside, namely using special supplements.L-arginine promotes rapid healing of damaged tissue, increases stamina, it normalizes cholesterol accelerates the recovery process after injury.Also, it feeds the muscle cells, and outputs the unnecessary substances.The use of arginine is its ability to accelerate the muscle building, fat burning, and enhance the protective properties of the body.

Benefits female body

pleasant discovery for the majority of women will be that the amino acid not only helps with weight control, but also to eliminate the resulting fat reserves.In addition, it is recommended to take a melancholy and too doubtful to girls, especially in a period of depression.It reduces the main features of the doldrums, improves mood, increases efficiency and prolongs youth.

substance helps produce hormones joy - serotonin and growth hormone (HGH).At deficiency of these vital hormones our body ages faster and fade.This healing qualities do not end.L-arginine stimulates the reproductive system, both men and women.

Therefore it is often advised to take to treat infertility: it increases the production of sperm, increases sexual activity, orgasm intensity, enhances and prolongs the sensation of intercourse.To achieve the effect we recommend daily use arginine.The properties of the amino acids are unique and help to get rid of the problems of a sexual nature.

Which products contain L-arginine?

daily rate of a given substance for an adult is 6 g.Man gets it from food.The first place is occupied by the amino acid content:


-kedrovye, walnuts and almonds;

-tykvennye seeds;


Second place:




-tsyplenok, chicken;


-yaytsa chicken;



third place of honor in this list are:




-file white fish;



-krevetki, crabs;


the presence of arginine in the following product categories:

-bobovye (peas, beans);

-krupy (buckwheat, rice, millet);


addition to this list of products is an amino acid in chocolate, raisins and iron dishes.

how to take stuff?

for better absorption of the amino acid is best taken on an empty stomach, without mixing with fats - an hour before eating or two hours after a meal (if exercising).With simultaneous application of amino acids and food is a slow uptake of arginine.Athletes and all those who want to build muscle, it is recommended to drink supplement one hour before classes - 3-6 grams.

Exceeding dosage of 10 grams.an increase of growth hormone.It is advisable to calculate the amount of an individual with a specialist.Harm and benefits of arginine obvious subject dosage and admission rules.

contraindications and side effects

advised doctors not to take the drug to people with mental disorders, any form of schizophrenia.And young children (there is enhanced production of growth hormone), pregnant women (and lactation) and persons with hypersensitivity (individual intolerance).When you receive the exact dosage should be observed so as not to cause negative effects of arginine.

medication can cause harm the body if more than the daily rate (over 20 gr.).In this case, it will lead to the activation of herpes and a negative impact on the pancreas.Not excluded the following symptoms: dizziness, diarrhea, loss of pressure, nausea, weakness.

May cause headaches and vomiting.If you notice these symptoms you need to reduce the amount of additives.That is the harm and benefits of arginine.Wonderful properties of amino acids are undeniable and multifaceted.Follow the instructions and stay young, healthy and beautiful.