Francis Pope - who is he?

After the entry into force of the last day of February 2013 the abdication of Benedict XVI, who occupied the papal throne eight years, from the dignity of the Pope (the first time in 600 years!), There was a question on the appointment of the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Traditions elected pontiff

According to the canons of the Catholic Church of the time between the current pope's abdication of the throne (and often after his death) until a new election is called Sede Vacante.

Normally this period shall not exceed 20 days (in the XX century has not been a single case of long intervals c).However, the current at the time of Pope John Paul II in 1996, took the apostolic constitution called Universi Dominici Gregis, adjust the process of electing the Roman Pontiff.According to the document, the conclave could not be convened before 15 and after 20 days from the announcement of the throne vacant.To take part in the vote may be no more than 120 cardinals no older than 80 years.The final election of the Pope considered valid if one of the candidates won a two-thirds majority, but the day you can spend no more than four votes.

Francis - Pope: how it was

On the eve of the election of the new Pope, February 25, Benedict XVI has made changes to the charter to accelerate the election of a successor, and on March 4 at the Vatican held a meeting of members of the General Congregation of Cardinals, which resulted in a vote scheduled datefor the new pontiff.

March 12, 2013 at the world famous Sistine Chapel, where traditionally held a vote as part of the conclave gathered 115 Cardinals, the purpose of which was the election for the position of the Pope.Abdicated Benedict XVI did not participate in the meeting, which lasted 2 days.

the first day of the conclave failed to elect a new pope, in a sign of this from the chimney of the chapel went black smoke.The second vote is also not identified a successor Benedict XVI, and again the pilgrims saw the black smoke.The next day, the vote gave a positive result, and at 19:05 from the chimney of the Apostolic Palace appeared white smoke - the certificate has successfully completed voting.

at 20:05 parishioners heard from Protodeacon Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, in such cases the traditional phrase: Habemus papam (which means "we have a Pope").He proclaimed the Vicar of Christ 76-year-old Jorge Maria Bergoglio.After that I came out to the balcony Francis Pope, who took the name in honor of the beloved St. Francis of Assisi.In addition, supporters of Franciscanism professed precepts of good and brotherhood, which was held by Jorge Maria Bergoglio.He was the first in the history of the Catholic Church representative of the New World, or rather, Argentina.

Pope Francis: A Biography

newly elected head of the Catholic Church was born in December 1936 in a large family of Italian immigrants living in Buenos Aires.Despite its origins (Jorge Mario came from a working class family), he devoted his life to serving the Lord.

First he studied chemistry at a university in Buenos Aires, and then studied at the seminary in Villa Devoto.After graduation, in 1958, Bergoglio joined the ranks of the Jesuits.At the age of 33 years, the future Francis - the pope - was consecrated.The main occupation of Jorge Mario was teaching theology, philosophy and literature at the university.In 1970 Francis 1 current Pope, impressed the leaders of the Jesuit community of its activities was the provincial of Argentina, and in 1980 was promoted to rector of the seminary of St. Joseph.

Career Francis

all moving higher up the career ladder, in 1992, Bergoglio was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires, and then consecrated Bishop.

dedication ceremony was held in the cathedral city.Title Jorge Mario received from Cardinal Antonio Kvarrasino.

Bergoglio in 1998 brought a new title - this time he received the title of archbishop of Buenos Aires, and after 3 years was elevated by Pope John Paul II, the cardinals.

the 2005 elections Jorge Mario Bergoglio name was listed in the so-called "Papabile" - the list of the main contenders for the papal throne.However, the choice fell on Benedict XVI.

Francis - the pope - known as a multifaceted man, a conservative with a comprehensive education.In addition to Spanish, he speaks fluent German and Italian.Pontiff known performances against the legalization of euthanasia, abortion, marriage between supporters of sexual minorities and the adoption of children by such couples.This is the first Jesuit, who led the papacy.

What is it, the new pope?

Francis, the Pope leads a modest lifestyle.

While living in his hometown, even if already in the rank of Archbishop Bergoglio went to the temple on the subway, and he lived in a modest one-bedroom apartment.

After the invitation to Rome, he took only one suitcase, with whom he embarked on a journey to a new life.

Some astrologers and fortune tellers claim that Francis - the last Pope after his death appeared in the sky, two sun and all living things will die.This supposedly evidenced by some of the prophecies of Nostradamus.But skeptics are at greater doubt similar versions.