How old is Moses led the Jews through the desert?

In the Old Testament, in the Second Book of Moses, called "Exodus", describes how this great Prophet organized the exodus of Jews from Egypt, which occurred in the second half of II century BC.e.The first five books of the Bible, too, belong to Moses, and to describe the amazing history and divine wonders for the salvation of the Jewish people.

How old Moses led the Jews through the desert

founder of the Jewish religion, the lawyer and the first Jewish prophet Moses was on the ground.Many did not knowingly interested in how many years, Moses led the Jews through the desert.To understand the essence of what is happening, you first need to familiarize themselves with the plot of the story.Moses (biblical character) united all the tribes of the people of Israel, and brought him to the land of Canaan, God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.That God has laid on him the burdens.

birth of Moses

with the question of how many years, Moses led the Jews through the desert, it is necessary to understand in great detail.The story of Moses begins with the fact that the new king of Egypt, who knew the Prophet Joseph and his services to Egypt, concerned that the people of Israel multiplied and became strong, begins to treat him with extreme cruelty and forces him to the back-breaking physical labor.But people still krepnul and increased.Then Pharaoh ordered to throw into the river all newborn boys of the Jews.

At this time, in the same family of the tribe Levin woman gave birth to a baby, she put it in the basket with the treated pitch down and let the river.And his sister began to observe what will happen to him.

At this time, Pharaoh's daughter bathed in the river and suddenly he heard a child crying in the reeds, found a baby in a basket.She took pity on him and took him to her.His sister immediately ran to her and offered to find a nurse.Since then, his own mother was the breadwinner.Soon, the boy gained strength and became Pharaoh's daughter as her own son.She gave him the name Moses - because they pulled him from the water.

Moses grew up and saw the hard work of his brothers Israel.One day he saw an Egyptian beating a poor Jew.Moses, looking around at the sides, to no one saw killed the Egyptian and hid his body in the sand.But soon all knew Pharaoh and Moses then decided to flee from Egypt.

Escape from Egypt

So Moses was in Midian, where he met with the priest and his seven daughters, one of them - Zipporah - became his wife.Soon they had a son Gershom.

After some time the king of Egypt died.The people of Israel cries out in misery, and God heard the cry.

One day when Moses was herding sheep, he saw a flaming bush, which for some reason was not consumed.And suddenly he heard the voice of God, who commanded Moses to go back to Egypt to rescue the Israelites from slavery and bring them out of Egypt.Moses was very frightened and began to pray to God that He chose someone else.

He was afraid that he would not believe it, and the Lord gave him signs.He asked to throw his staff on the ground, which immediately turned into a snake, and then forced Moses to take it by the tail, to once again become the rod.Then God made Moses thrust his hand into his bosom, and she was white and covered with leprosy.And again, when he put it into his bosom, she became healthy.

Return to Egypt

Assistant Moses, God appoints his brother Aaron.They came to her people and showed signs that they believe that God wants them to serve him, and the people believed.Then Moses and his brother went to Pharaoh and asked him to let the people of Israel, because it tells them God.Pharaoh was adamant and all the signs of God found cheaper focus.His heart was hardened even more.

Then God sends Pharaoh, one after another terrible ten plagues: the water of lakes and rivers turned to blood, where the fish has become a dead and stinking, the whole earth was covered with frogs, the gnats came down, the pesi flies, the plague occurred, it boils, the icy hail, the locusts, the darkness.Every time there is one of these plagues, Pharaoh relented and promised to let the people of Israel.But when he received forgiveness from God, he did not keep their promises.

Exodus of Jews from Egypt is practically impossible, but not for God, who puts his people the most terrible punishment.At midnight the Lord smote all the death of the Egyptian firstborn.Only then did Pharaoh let the Israelites.So Moses displays the Jews from Egypt.The road to the Promised Land to Moses and Aaron showed the Lord day and night in the form of a Pillar of Fire.

Moses displays the Jews from Egypt

Recovering from the horror, Pharaoh sent after them, taking with him six hundred chosen chariots.Seeing him approach to the Egyptian army, the people of Israel, is located near the sea, greatly frightened and screamed.They began to blame Moses that is better to be slaves of the Egyptians than to die in the desert.Then Moses and the commandments of the Lord lifted the rod and the sea parted, formed the dry land.And the people of Israel went out of six hundred thousand, but the Egyptian chariots, too, did not stop, then the water closed over and sank all the enemy forces.

Israel kept the way through the arid desert.Gradually, water supplies dried up, and people began to suffer from thirst.And suddenly they found the source, but the water in it was bitter.Then Moses threw a tree into it, and it became sweet and drinkable.

anger people

After a while, the people of Israel, Moses struck with anger that they do not have bread and meat.Moses calmed them, assured that the evening they naedyatsya meat, and in the morning shall be satisfied with bread.In the evening quails came up, which could catch hands.And in the morning I had the manna from heaven, as frost, she lay on the ground.On the palate, it was like cake with honey.Mann was their constant food sent by the Lord, they ate until the end of their long pilgrimage.

The next stage of testing they had no water and again they struck Moses with angry speeches.Moses was God's will with his wand struck the rock, and went out of her water.

a few days with Israel was attacked by the Amalekites.Moses said to his servant, loyal Ruler of Jesus, that he chose strong men and fought, and he began to pray on a high hill, holding up my hands, as soon as his hand fell, the enemy began to win.Then two Israelis began to support Moses' hands, and the Amalekites were defeated.

Mount Sinai.Commandments

people of Israel went on his way and stopped at Mount Sinai.It was the third month of his wanderings.God sent Moses to the top of the hill, and said to his people prepare for a meeting with him, that they were clean and wash their clothes.On the third day there were thunders and lightning, and could hear the strong voice of the trumpet.The Ten Commandments Moses and the people got out of the mouth of God, and now they had to live by them.

first reads serve one true God who brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Second, do not make yourself an idol.

Third: do not pronounce the name of the Lord in vain.

Fourth: on Saturdays, do not work and glorify the name of God.

Fifth: Read your parents that you were well and prolong your days in the land.

Sixth: Do not kill.

Seventh Commandment: Do not commit adultery.

Eight: do not steal.

Ninth: Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Tenth: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor anything, nor his house, nor his wife, nor his field, nor his manservant or maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass.

Lord called Moses on Mount Sinai, and had a long talk with him, at the end of the conversation gave him the two stone tablets with the commandments.For forty days Moses spent on the mountain, and God taught him how to properly carry out his mandates, how to build the tabernacle of the camp and serve it to his God.

Golden Calf

Moses was a long time, and have not sustained the Israelites, and doubted that God is gracious to Moses.And then they began to ask Aaron to return to the pagan gods.Then he ordered all women to remove gold ornaments and bring him.From this he poured gold bull, and how God brought him the victim, and then had a feast, and sacred dances.

When Moses saw with their own eyes all this unholy feast, he was very angry, threw the tablets of the revelations.And they did beat the rock.Then he ground it to powder the golden calf and dumped him in the river.Many in the day to repent and those who did not, were killed, and there are three thousand.

Then Moses went back to Mount Sinai, to stand before God and ask Him to forgive the people of Israel.Generous God relented, and again gave Moses the tablets of the testimony, and the Ten Commandments.Moses was a year spent with the Israelis in Sinai.Build the Tabernacle, they served their God.But now God commands set to go to the land of Canaan, but without him, and confronts them with the Angel.

Curse God

After a long journey, finally, they saw the promised land.And then he commanded Moses to collect twelve men to send them to investigate.Forty days later they came back and said that the land of Canaan fertile and densely populated, but also has a strong army and powerful fortifications, so it is simply impossible to win, and for the people of Israel, it would be certain death.Upon hearing this, the people almost broke stones Moses and decided to look for a new chief in his stead, and then do wish to return to Egypt.

and angry than before the Lord to the people of Israel, who did not believe him at all its signs.Of the twelve spies, he left only Jesus, Joshua and Caleb, who were willing to do the will of God at any moment, and the rest died.

Lord the people of Israel first wanted to exterminate the plague, but then through the intercession of Moses made his forty years of wandering in the wilderness until those who grumbled, from twenty years old and above, does not die, and only allowed their children to see the land promised to their fathers.

land of Canaan, Moses

40 years led the Jewish people in the desert.Over the years difficulties and hardships the Israelites repeatedly reproached and scolded murmured against Moses and God himself.Forty years later, a new generation, more adapted to the harsh life and wandering.

And then came the day when Moses led them to the land of Canaan, to win her.After reaching its limits, they camped near the Jordan River.Moses was at the time a hundred and twenty years old, he felt that his end was near.After rising to the top of the hill, he saw the promised land, and in solitude he passed away before God.Now the duty to lead the people to the promised land of God laid on Jesus - the son of Nun.

Israel no longer had such a prophet like Moses.And it all did not matter how old Moses led the Jews through the desert.Now they are thirty days mourning the death of the Prophet, and then sailed over the Jordan, they began to fight for the land of Canaan, and in the end, a few years later won it.Their dream of a promised land come true.