Russian national cuisine in a traditional or modern

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How often it can be found in big cities traditional Russian cuisine restaurant?Unfortunately, in the modern metropolis it is not as common.Now more popular Japanese and Italian, and Russian tradition, somewhere to go.

But this is not right, we are a nation with a rich history and it should not be forgotten.The restaurant "Romanov" is well remembered and revered Russian tradition, not for nothing his motto - "Soul Russian cuisine in the heart of St. Petersburg."But one theme restaurant is not limited to, the Russian spirit can clearly be seen in its interior, designed in the style of imperial times.The restaurant's cuisine combines the well-forgotten old and new is particularly demanded.

example, without which do not for one meal in our country?Well, of course not everyone's favorite salad "Olivier", which you can easily find on the menu.The most popular dish in the first Russian restaurant "Romanov" is an ear in a saturated saffron broth with fish and seafood, but also traditional soup and hash is also at a premium.

should not also forget that Russia has always been a multi-ethnic state, where each nation brings something from their kitchens, thus forming a Russian tradition.To this can be attributed to the national dumplings come to us from the Tatar cuisine, potato dumplings with onion pork rinds, potato pancakes, zrazy game from Ukrainian and Belarusian cuisine.

Not without borrowing from the Europeans - it perlotto with porcini mushrooms.In spite of these borrowings, the basis of Russian cuisine in the restaurant remained intact.As in the old days, lunch today consists of three main dishes: the first - the soup, the second - fish or meat with vegetables, the third - non-alcoholic beverages.A snack is eaten pancakes with toppings, salads, herring, salted and pickled vegetables and sauerkraut.

All of the above in a wide range presented in the restaurant's menu.Because of its diversity and abundance of gourmet Russian cuisine has always been popular abroad.Even the most experienced foreign gourmets could not remain indifferent to the traditions of Russian cuisine, saying that the Russian table is one of the richest in the world.And the restaurant "Romanov" in this regard is no exception.His love and appreciate the foreign guests, each of which is found the dish to your liking.Increasingly, we appear supporters vegetarian food also will find a suitable dishes here.We offer

remember our forgotten traditions and taste the food grandfathers and great grandfathers, together with the chef and qualified personnel of the restaurant, taking a dip in the pleasant atmosphere of the native Russian, when a feast differed abundance and variety of dishes on the table.Restaurant "Romanov" is waiting for all lovers of contemporary Russian cuisine at Nevsky Prospekt 22/24 home.On the restaurant's menu is available on the website

- Catherine, what it means for you to be nominated for the «Top 25 Diamond Companies & amp; Persons»?What attracted you in the restaurant business?And why did you decide to open a restaurant?

You know, participation in this competition is in this category, of course, allows our restaurant to express themselves.And to make the name of the restaurant "Romanov" brand.Brand, which indicates, in fact, a professional approach to the creation of a restaurant with good food, high quality service and friendly hospitality.What would people hear the name "Romanov", once you understand what level of institution they attend.

- name your restaurant «ROMANOV» - has some hidden meaning?

name of the restaurant is no hidden meaning can not be held.But the location of places in the historical and tourist center of the city itself has pushed the idea of ​​the restaurant is called "Romanov", which is directly connected with the history of Russia, and traditional Russian cuisine.

- What audience is aimed Your restaurant?Or anyone can visit it?

Of course, anyone can visit our restaurant.This is the goal we have set ourselves.And our main task that anyone could feel comfortable in the friendly atmosphere of our living room or library and enjoy the soul of Russian cuisine.

- Competition in this field is now great.What is unique about your restaurant?And why guests should visit it was his and not any other?

Yes, here I agree with you.Competition is growing from year to year.But today, when preference is given to the opening of the European institutions, a restaurant carrying the traditions of Russian cuisine, may be out of competition.)

- What dish from your menu is popular?

The most popular dish is by far the pork, fried on coals.Unusual taste and serve on skewers handmade leaves no one indifferent.

- What are your future plans?Do you plan to open more restaurants?

Our plan is to consolidate the brand of soulful Russian cuisine restaurant and a place where you want to return again and again.