How to create a media plan.

are going to order advertising in the local media, an advertising campaign, we apply our willy-nilly, a list of actions.In professional circles, such a list has received a special name - a media plan.

With the development of theoretical and practical knowledge in this field has become possible to find a suitable example of media plans.It has to be presented the main lines of action and specific promotional activities with costs.This will simplify the task, do not have to invent their own and hope that it works.

media plan of the company: for example real estate agency

The plan is for a small agency, shows the average prices for the work of experts in the preparation and printing of printed products.Banners and streamers, displays, posters in the office is not given as an example taken already operating in the market organization.Free resources for advertising (bulletin board on the Internet) is not included in the list.

Campaign Name


number and cost


1 sticker on one sector (distance, for example from the office -5 m around)


- 1000 flyers "Buy";

- 1000 "Change";

- 1000 "For Sale";

- 1000 - a universal option.

Total 16 800 rub.

Media advertising

Category "Private ads"

600 rubles for 1 week.Total 2400 p.

Image advertising

fee in the form of advertisements in the private section of the newspaper in the city

2000 r.- 1 time.

in the form of promotional articles in specialized magazines

8000 p.per month.

leaflets in mailboxes

Typically, the houses in the center of the city (or district)

On 1 house - 144 leaflets.On average, taken 7 houses per month.1000 flyers for 1500 p.+ Work social research interviewing.

Total: 2000 p.

Participation in exhibitions

Preparation of brochures, business cards, posters

On average, about 1,000 rubles.and the work of experts of the agency.

Distribution of leaflets (with the calendar, telephones taxi list of holidays, call centers and so on. P. On the reverse side)

500 pieces in a month - 1000 rubles.(together with the work of the promoter)

Telephone invitation to free consultations, "cold" calls

Payment of Sales Manager: 1 hr. - 75 p.(without interest from the deal).It takes 1-2 days a week.

Total: 4,800 per month

Internet Advertising

banners on search engines

1500 thousand. Per month.

Working with partners

exchange business cards to be placed in the offices of the construction, insurance companies, bank offices

Payment of carrier: 1 hour per week - 50 p.

cards themselves: 300 p.

Total: 350 p.

Joint brochures

cost pamphlets divided equally: 1000 p.1000 brochure (part 3 if your partner).

The newspaper

300 p.- 1 copy per month you can distribute 50 units.

Jobs Courier journalist (2000 p.), Coder (500 p.)

Total 17 500 p.


58,350 p.

example of media plans need in relation to your city, it would specify the sources of advertising.Yet it must constantly monitor its performance: record the responses, look for the most successful sources.

following sample media plan advertising campaign designed for the novice periodicals.

Promotion newspaper or magazine

promotional activities



Newsletter e-mail messages to all potential advertisers


Job office manager with a salary or Remote Manager - 50 one o'clock.

Phone Deals

Two weeks before the release, for 4 days

of sales managers (3% per cent of the involved client).

Posting announcements on the entrances of the city and the board

a one-time

Paper, printing (cartridge) - 700 p.

social research interviewing Job ad: 1 p.per Unit.

Number of copies - 2000.

Total: 2700 p.

Radioizveschenie residents

60 outputs a day, every day for a month

single - 1000 r.for the production.

900 p.per month for the exits.

Press releases on the Internet

once placed on the free portals, then update every three months, add about promotions and exciting offers

only work office manager or a media manager(per hour of work - 100 p.).

text itself independently or through specialists - 100 p.

Total: 500 p.

Adding catalogs media

search sites and placement

only for the work: 50 an hour.

Total: 200 p.

Paid Advertising in periodic media city

in newspapers and magazines advertising article 800 characters (2 times)

5000 p.- The newspaper, next month - 8000 p.In the magazine.

distribution of the issues by the points with high traffic (shopping centers, supermarkets, offices, partners, and advertisers)

Once a month

courier work - 50 one o'clock.Within 1 business day.

Total: 400 p.

Billboard city

In the center of 2 pcs.1 month

15 thousand. rub.

Total: 30 000 rubles.


43,750 p.

How to create a media plan

example - it is certainly good.But each business its own characteristics.It is therefore important to know the basics of media planning.

well-chosen sources of advertising (on your specialization, calculated on the target audience), forms of advertising space for its location and the number of outputs per month - this is what information should be reflected in the plan, and not only.Welcomed a clear timetable for the placement on which you can see the alternation of specific promotional activities.It is easier to track the effectiveness of a particular form of activity.

example in this article is an example of media plans are not clear and specific and require detailed improvements for a particular city, and specific sources of advertising.For example, the newspaper "Flowers in the garden" - a banner of 200 x 300, accommodation - page 1, the number of outputs - two times a month.

advertising budget

in planning advertising campaigns on the savings rate is welcome.In the springs, which is to advertise, you can order it at the lowest price in the next six months.


In addition, each sample media plans reflects the strategic objectives and activities of the customer.E. Corresponds to the priorities of the company.In the case of a newspaper is a bright appearance, a statement to the population and potential advertisers about its existence.In the case of a real estate agency order to the advertising campaigns is to provide growth to the existing stable income.

Thus, you can not just take the example of media plans and use it without reworking for yourself without making a maximum of specificity is not considered possible budget savings on advertising, let alone assessing the main purpose of the plan, it corresponds to the priority development of the company.