Good behavior: concept, types, mechanisms

Concept and types of lawful behavior is not always dealt with very carefully.The fact that lawyers have always paid more attention to it misconduct.In principle, the deviation from the norm and in fact should be better studied more carefully than their observance.

Behavior in law can be expressed verbally, omissions or action.The philosophy is, for example, it has also been associated with human mental activity.The right applies only to activities directed outside the individual.

Regarding the right behavior can be not only a lawful or unlawful, but also neutral.This behavior does not cause any effect and in no way regulated.

right applies to absolutely all spheres of our lives.Illegal and good behavior - is legally relevant species.Taken together, they represent the legal behavior.

Good behavior has two sides.Of course, we are talking about the objective and subjective.The first deals with the very human behavior, with the result, bond reasons.In this case we are talking about the positive elements.Negative relate to misconduct.

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subjective side, which has a good behavior related to intellectual-willed attitude of the subject to the act which he has committed or is committing, as well as to the consequences of the act.Wines - mental attitude of the person to the crime.

Types of lawful behavior is mainly connected with the subject of motivation.The first case would include actions (or the omission), which are based on awareness of the need, the desire to meet certain legal standards, understanding the importance of the offensive was a positive result.In this case, we are talking about the fact that the subject consciously refers to the behavior, as well as the currently effective rule of law.

Sometimes its appearance is connected with conformism.The thing is that the subject is subject to certain rules just because "so it is necessary."Such legal behavior often can be observed in social groups, the legal culture is underdeveloped, and legal awareness is low.

good behavior of the subject can be caused by the fact that he was simply afraid of certain sanctions by the state.This type is recognized as the most unreliable.This is due to the fact that in case of loss of control by the state, the subject of the right to change their behavior to legitimate illegal.

division into types is possible and objective side.In this case, good behavior can be desirable and socially acceptable.

The latter include, for example, divorce.

legal behavior mechanism consists of three subsystems which are interconnected.It's about the legal, social and psychological.All of them together are parties to the same mechanism of legal behavior.

existing legal mechanisms associated with the installation using the legal means of a certain social status, intended for the subjects.He also linked the formation of a specific social structure.

Law is effective only when the subjects of law will begin to understand their legal position, to understand how they affect the relevant rules.They must also learn how to build a line of conduct is based on established standards.

aware of the importance of the right people to help the psychological mechanism.Social is based on the fact that for every kind of environment needs an individual approach.Methods used in the legal education of social groups that are always different.