hard to find someone who is unfamiliar with the legendary literary hero Ostap Bender.This person really deserves attention.Although the writers were able to draw a fairly attractive image, in fact, he is a real fraud.And if the police were able to catch him, he would be in an article for fraud.

More "The Council's Code" to interpret this type of violation of the law as the fraudulent theft.Later, the Empress Catherine II issued a special decree which states a punishment worthy of a variety of liars will fabrication, measurements or bodywork.

Today there is a special article of the Criminal Code "Fraud", which describes a variety of types of thefts committed by means of distortion of the truth (called active deception), and the default - the so-called passive deception.And in fact, and in another case, the victim succumbed to provocation, the fraudster sends his own property.

Anyone who undertakes to consider the image of the hero of the book Bender, certainly catches the eye of his extraordinary intellect, charisma, knowledge of human psychology, the ability to "get away" from any situation.In addition, he is constantly aware of all the events as a national scale, and at the district level.

Modern swindlers are described advanced copy of the hero of Ilf and Petrov.They have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of technologies such as computer and mobile, they are said to move with the times.But any action that are the result of the fact that the property or money capital, one way or another, goes from the owner to the person who does not have any relation to the values, we qualify as fraud.Article 159 of the Criminal Code states that a number of these actions are subject to criminal penalties.

Why detain and punish the perpetrators is often very difficult?Because most of these impact on the psyche of the person one on one, when there are no witnesses, no evidence.Sam gave, was not forced!

Sometimes scammers operate on the "run" scenario, deceiving not just one person.It seems that here they are - the witnesses, gather submit a request - and it's started to happen!An there it was.

Yes, there is a fraud.Article organized for a group of participants or for fraud on a large scale faces considerable period - from five to 10 years.But no one is in no hurry to declare.And because they feel ashamed of their elementary negligence.This is popularly might like to look naive simpleton?This is especially true of those people that "in view", and even in small towns.

And still quite vaguely possible to determine the scope of this "large-sized".For someone in our time and five thousand - a huge amount of money, the loss of which the family is forced to starve in the literal sense.

That old lady decided to get re.Her company offers training services with payment of five thousand with further employment.You just need to learn how to make candles.The teacher demonstrates how simple it is enough to just three sessions.But then, with earnings of more than block the attachment - promise to 50-60 thousand per month!

documents from the company in order to tax it is registered, receipts for tuition to be.Even a certificate of special sample of the lady in his arms.There were no signs fraud.Article 159 carefully manages the organization.

taking a loan, she dreams on the wings worn to class.And at first everything goes well: she rents two exams "on the fly".And here it slows.The third major exam in this "training center" No one can deliver.And what priderёtsya examiner - anyone not known in advance.It bubbles in the candle placed in the wrong order, the gel is muddied by heating, the hair or speck of dust inside the hit.

takes a month, the second - a woman remains unemployed.The court sent her application with a note: "No staff fraud."After all, in the contract item on the delivery of the third exam verbalized separately!

Here is the easiest option when deceived people can not find the truth.Fraud?Article No. 159 is silent on the matter.

So, trust in the law, but he did not disappoint.Not only documents should be read carefully, concluding various agreements.You need to know the main tenets: if before taking a job offer paid training, or being asked to pay for the material or documentation package - by that employer should be running at breakneck speed!

And the end of the story is that the lady perenervnichala left without income and with unpaid loans.First, starved, and then heart failed.The result - a fatal heart attack.So tell me now about the extent of fraud ...

And phone calls from close relatives (with the request to help out and give the latest savings) Talk-negotiations.But until now, the bait caught the victim.

Such scams are also difficult to calculate.Sim card are immediately thrown away, received a large sum, but it is often simply bought in the transition without documents or framed on someone else's name.

very difficult to protect yourself from fraud.Do not let the house or plumbers, neither the police nor the doctors?But they show the documents!These "paper" crooks perfectly today, "he want" with the home printer and scanner.

think if toughen the fight against this type of crime to receive all the terms deceivers, no matter what amount they robbed the victim, then we can somehow help to cope with the general public with this disease.

But the main fight to be indifferent citizens.After all, to be honest, sometimes to hear about the latest fraud, we are surprised with delight: "It must be the same - head!And once could think of something to this! »