Home offices in any room

The apartment is not always convenient to allocate a separate room under the cabinet.But it is quite a miniature copy can be played in almost any room.Following are some useful recommendations, you can create a full work area in a free corner of your home.

Two rooms in one

Usually, to host a "mini-office" selected bedroom, much less - living room.The best option for the separation of common space into two zones in this case is considered to be a rack with open, closed or combined shelves.He will separate the bedroom from the workplace, will keep all the necessary documents and create a minimum soundproofing.

In such an office must be limited to a desk with a computer and chair.It is necessary to properly consider the location of the lamp: light should be enough for work, yet it should not fall on the bed.

Work desk

Cabinet table - the main place for the numerous official papers, folders and rigorous computer.For them it is very important to feel comfortable, because ideally, home desk table - a thing not only for work but also for comfort.

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ogrannichenom The space should give preference to the tables ergonomically shaped.They are simple and easy: Purchasing podkatnye tables, hanging shelves and table for all business fixtures, and thinner countertops.Material such tables - usually chipboard covered with laminate, and legs in the most recent models are made of metal.

interior room, including computer work area and requires the proper organization lighting - the light should be directed (screen and keyboard), glare-free, not to glare on the screen, not to tire the eyes.In addition to local lighting directed at the computer side of the room is necessary to reduce the overall contrast use scattered light, for example, ceiling spotlights.

Harmony room

creating jobs in a room, pay attention to the fact that it fit into the interior.Of course, a miniature office should be separated from the rest of the space, but it should not stand out from the atmosphere of the room.If other furniture light, do not buy a dark desk or computer table.When choosing accessories also pay attention to their style solution: to the working area in a classic bedroom can be purchased neat and romantic lighting, which is not worse than the office lights can help you in your work.

Author: Lina Kuzmicheva

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