Federal wanted criminals and missing persons.

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federal wanted list announced by law enforcement agencies in cases where the measures taken by the local tracing and objectives of these measures are not met.

federal wanted list of criminals involves a whole range of actions of a different nature, namely, police conducted operational-search, information, help, operational work, which aims to detect the wanted person.The work of the Authority will use any information from address bureau, alarm system all the information centers of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Interior, as well as all the regions that make up the Russian Federation.

There is a category of people who immediately declared the federal wanted list in Russia, once adopted a procedural decision allowing the production of Investigation.Such persons include:

- persons accused of committing grave and especially grave crimes;

- armed criminals;

- criminals escaped from prison;

- criminals who escaped from custody;

- the person who had discovered a substance that can harm the health and lives of people.

Persons who went missing along with the car, declared in federal search through places search case that accompany cryptograms.

Detailed information on, immediately declared the federal wanted list, urgently transmitted information centers or ATC MIA via encrypted communication channel in Chief Information Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, followed by immediately forwarded a resolution declaring the person in the federal wanted list.

Next organs HP 8th MOI Russia transmit information about the ad in the federal wanted list in the leadership of their commander in chief.Information on the federal wanted list on certain persons from the Central Information Department is transferred in encrypted form in all regions of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs through electronic means of communication.Next All information is placed in files targeted offices and information centers.

federal wanted list is also provided for those missing, if the local search did not bring satisfactory results within 3 months from the date of the start of the necessary measures.

If, according to the police chief, there is every reason to consider local measures to be exhausted before the expiry of the due date, the decision to declare a federal investigation can be made ahead of time.

Announce face possible federal wanted list in accordance with the decision of the ATS, conducting a local search.At the same time the employee ATS fills IEC (information retrieval card), which indicates all available information regarding the relations of the person sought and the places in which there is a high probability of its occurrence.If additional information becomes available, the employee contributes to the IPC adjustments.

The breadth of this problem, as the search for people, say the statistics.According to the data of 2009, the federal wanted list was announced more than 345 thousand. People, including missing - 65 ths., About 25 thousand. Regarded as persons who have lost touch with their relatives, and the rest - it's deserters, criminals, patients who fledpsychiatric medical institutions, persons wanted by Interpol, alimony dodgers.

By missing tend to be those who had gone to study, to work, left on vacation or in other regions to work and did not return for a long time.In the opinion of the police, based on the practice of investigative data, about 80% of individuals in this category are likely no longer alive.In some cases it is possible only to find their remains.

the federal wanted list for the same statistics there were about 44 thousand. Males and about 33 thousand. - Female.Half of the total number of wanted persons are criminals, about 4 thousand. Of them committed murder, 185 people - dangerous recidivists accused of very serious crimes.