Terms of business communication

most important part of any business is business communication, so know the rules of business communication and implement the knowledge in business negotiations necessary because in the process of doing business in today's world, the relationship is directly tremendous amount of time.This is not enough to talk politely and kindly, you need to know and apply the rules of business negotiations business conversation, as well as rules of public speaking.Observing the rules of business communication, you show your professionalism, and this quality is a prerequisite for successful business development.Breaking the rules of business communication can destroy mutual understanding between partners and counterparties, leading to a break contact.

are the rules of business communication, bearing the paramount character:

1. An important condition for business communication is punctual.Punctuality in the affairs characterizes your respect for your and other people's time and facilitates communication.An important step in ensuring punctuality, is planning.

2. No less important is not verbose.This may make superfluous aspects as related to the activities of the company and personal life counterparts.Try to speak to the point, of course, but quite briefly.

3. Respect for the opinion of our partners and colleagues - not less important condition in achieving the success of any business.Curiosity and selfishness, intolerance or wish to build a career for others bring only frustration and failure.Respect for the interlocutor, his ability to listen and hear and understand is the key to success.If you have not responded to the words of the interlocutor or question, you have grossly violated the speech etiquette.

4. It is equally important to write and speak the right language.The ability to carry on a conversation allows you to engage, motivate their ideas, and, therefore, to implement them.This ability is needed in the formation of business relationships and contacts.

5. Before you take part in the conversation, you must clearly state the purpose of communication.Use a variety of voice, choosing the right words required for a specific situation.

6. Maintain self-control and self-control, watch your expression of feelings and emotions.Do not respond to rude rudeness, down to the level of poorly educated opponent, you will demonstrate their lack of speech.

  1. communicating with someone, keep your speech habits.Do not adopt the style of communication companion, as you lose individuality, imitating someone else's style of communication.

8. Rules of business conversation in addition to business skills and provide the style of your clothes - dress code.

Therefore mastery of rhetoric, the basic rules of public speaking you need to constantly improve.Rules of business etiquette can open a path to success, they only need to know and use.

- In order to successfully address the mass audience you need to prepare a plan in advance and make the main points of his speech.

- It is advisable to avoid performing instructive tone.

- Try to convey your own indifferent to articulate theses, using the correct intonation.

- Speak simply and competently.

- Engage the audience, we see that he was right from the confirmed case.

- Eliminate the boring cliches, cliches of his speech.

- Concluding a public speech effectively a return to the beginning of the speech, as well as the re-emphasis on key points.

Despite the fact that the rules are simple enough, many people still do not follow them when negotiating or forget about them, carried away by a lively discussion.