The objectives of the company's management on the current economic market

objectives of management are to establish standards for use in the evaluation of the company.They are based on forecasts of development of the company in the future, so the accuracy of forecasting is a very important factor in management.If the forecasts are determined for a sufficiently long period of time, their accuracy can not be very high, respectively, the goals of management are obtained fairly common.

objectives of management have a number of the following features:
- they must be clearly defined in time, on the basis of goals divided into long, medium and short term;
- goals must be realistic.Features of the enterprise should be comparable with the tasks;
- goals should not be controversial;
- goals must be measurable and comparable.It is necessary to be able to assess the results.

objectives of management are subject to the classification of a variety of features, among which are a sign of the time, the degree of importance, scope covers the content of the target, the degree of importance.

Scope Management, which regulates the activity of the enterprise in the long term, called strategic management.In this area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement plans are long-term development of the company for a long period of time.The effective development of the company achieved by retaining competitive advantage and rapid response to changes in the factors in the external environment.The objectives of strategic management are reduced to one - the definition of the proper strategy that will enable the company after a certain time to achieve the maximum possible development at this stage.To achieve this, the company developed a set of measures, including competent redistribution of different resources, organization, planning and monitoring of activities aimed at achieving the goal, the search for and identification of the most successful ways of development of the enterprise.The objectives of strategic management are developed for at least five years.The effective achievement of the goals depends on the coherence of all interconnected business units, affecting the final result.New trends affecting the change in the environmental factors that determine the formation of the principles of strategic management.

Financial management in the enterprise is responsible for the financial management of the enterprise.It regulates the relations between economic entities on how to receive, redistribution and use of funds.Under the sphere of influence of financial management get income and expenses of the enterprise's assets and liabilities, the balance of payments.Overall, the financial position of the enterprise depends on competent management.

main objectives of financial management - is to increase the welfare of the owners of the company by increasing the maximum amount of profits in the long term, and maximizing the value of the enterprise in the market.In pursuit of these objectives Financial Management determines the optimum amount of financial resources needed to achieve these goals, provides the most efficient use of available resources of the enterprise, optimizes costs of the company and cash flow, ensures maximization of profit and minimization of financial risks, seeks to ensure steady growth potential of the company.

Optimally accented objectives of management allow the company to clearly go to the intended targets and rationally to spend the available material and human resources.