Payment systems: transaction povremenka or chord

Under wage means a system of relations connected with the implementation of the salary of the employer to the employee for his work in accordance with the laws and regulations, agreements and collective labor agreements and contracts.There are several forms, as well as a variety of pay system.In any form
wages - a reward for their work, which depends on the quantity, quality, condition and complexity of the work produced, as well as a specialist qualification.This category also includes a variety of payment wearing stimulating and compensatory.
Wages are usually issued in the form of money.But according to the labor or the collective agreement and other possible forms of remuneration, non-monetary signs (in-kind), and do not contradict legislation.Such remuneration shall be paid at the written request of the employee, and shall not exceed one fifth of the total salary.
There are some types of remuneration as a one-off, time-based and piecework.They are classified into subtypes: a simple time-based, time-bonus, direct piecework, piecework, progressive, piece-rate premium, indirectly, piecework pay.

When hourly wage is calculated for the set amount of labor time, and is independent of the volume of work.Salary hourly wage system is calculated by multiplying the daily or hourly rates for hours worked the number of days or hours.For some categories of the full monthly salary of working out a set of official salaries.Incomplete number of working days calculated by dividing the earnings rate on the rate of calendar days, and multiplying the result by the number of days worked upon.
Payment at time-plus-bonus system is made by adding to the tariff premium earnings, which is determined by a percentage of the rate or salary of the employee.Accounting for employee under povremenka conducted using sheets, which are primary documents.
Earnings piecework (transaction) wage system is formed based on the number of units manufactured or produced work on solid rates, which are set based on qualifications.When piecework-bonus payment provided employees bonuses for exceeding standards development, as well as for the achievement of quality indicators (lack of complaints, marriage).

on piece progressive system provides for increased payment for the same work, but performed above the norm.Indirectly-piece-set for workers involved in service production, order picker, engineers, assistant foreman, etc.Its size is calculated as a percentage of the earnings of the main workers performing work duties in the service area.
When calculating salaries in the piecework system used documents on the development.
In some cases, the remuneration system are mixed.So the work of certain categories of workers may be paid at the same time on a piece-rate and time-based system.For example, if the head of a small team combines management (time-based) with a production nature of the work, payment of which is calculated by piece-rates.When
lump payment system is carried out for a specified amount of products or for the passage of certain stages of work.When
Brigade Labor Organization to account for the contribution of each employee, with the consent of the team members can use the coefficient of labor participation.